What Is a STEM Degree and How Can It Help Your Career?

Jobs in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) are growing at twice the rate of other occupations.

Why choose a STEM degree

What is a STEM degree?

STEM stands for science, technology, engineering, and math. A degree that covers topics under these disciplines and fulfills certain requirements qualifies as a STEM degree. Earning a STEM degree gives you multiple career advantages and can make you eligible for benefits unique to STEM graduates.


Why are STEM graduates in high demand?

The demand for technological solutions to the challenges we face has grown enormously in recent years and is set to keep growing at an astonishing rate. The skills gap, particularly in some regions, hasn’t caught up. Jobs in STEM-related fields in the US and UK are growing at almost twice the rate of other occupations.

How can a STEM degree help my career?

As the demand for STEM graduates is so high, earning a STEM degree gives you many advantages, particularly if you’re seeking work as an international candidate, including:

  • Higher median salaries
  • More attractive to employers
  • Higher employment rate
  • Faster climb up the career ladder
  • Differentiate you from local talent
  • Longer work authorization (OPT) in the US

Anyone wanting to make a strategic impact or rise quickly in their career must have skills in data analytics.

Katharine Boshkoff

Global Vice President, Career Advancement and Alumni Relations

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Jobs & salaries

What jobs and salaries can STEM graduates expect?

The job options open to you after graduation will depend on the specialist discipline of your degree. At Hult, we offer STEM degrees in the fields of finance and analytics. Below are some popular roles our STEM graduates go into and the typical salaries in USD.

Finance Careers 2023

Explore career paths and earning potential with a finance degree in 2023.

Business Analytics Careers 2023

Explore career paths and earning potential with a business analytics degree in 2023.

Why do a STEM degree at Hult?

Although specialist knowledge of the discipline is a must, the skills that employers consistently say are most valuable in candidates for STEM roles—particularly for managerial and senior roles—are:

  • Problem-solving
  • Communication
  • Teamwork
  • Business acumen

Hult’s approach to business education prioritizes these skills across all our programs and embeds them through challenge-based learning. When you graduate with a STEM degree from Hult, you’re equipped with a powerful combination of business acumen, leadership skills, and specialist knowledge.

I took an elective taught by the CEO of an investment research and analytics firm. Learning from someone who is actually applying what he is teaching every day was a truly insightful experience. Doing something as an assignment that others are doing as part of their job made it so much more exciting and allowed me to learn skills applicable to life beyond school.

Anne-Fleur Vaartjes



What STEM MBA degrees does Hult offer?

We offer STEM MBA degrees as additions to our general business degrees and as specialist degrees. So, whatever your experience or career goals, there’s a STEM option for you at Hult.

MBA Degree

Global One-Year MBA (With Analytics)

Turn your Global One-Year MBA into a STEM MBA with an analytics specialization.

Boston, San Francisco, London, Dubai
3 year OPT eligibility (US)
MBA Degree

Boston-NYC Finance MBA

Prepare to lead in the elite field of finance with this STEM degree in the financial capitals of the US.

Boston (with New York rotation)
3 year OPT eligibility (US)

What support does Hult offer with OPT?

Navigating STEM OPT eligibility can be complex but with the support of the Hult US Visa Team, students will learn about timing and eligibility regarding the two-year STEM extension.

After arriving on campus, all Hult students can make use of weekly OPT and STEM OPT information sessions as well as daily advising hours for individual visa-related needs. Working closely with both Hult’s Career Advisors and Visa Team will ensure preparedness and confidence when entering the US workforce.


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