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Everyone comes to Hult with a different background, different priorities, and different goals. We work with every student individually to set a targeted strategy, equip them with the right tools, and guide them on a clear path to achieve their career ambitions.

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Career Development

Explore your MBA career options

Who better to coach you through finding, and landing, the job you want than former recruiters themselves? With insider knowledge, local expertise, and years of experience on the job, our career advisors work with you one-on-one, from day one, to get you where you want to be at graduation.

Access international expertise

Get a tailored approach to planning your career with career advisors who are experts in helping international students find jobs. They’ll help you to position yourself in the global market and advise you on entry strategies for your ideal location and industry.

Gain skills and build your network with:

  • One-to-one appointments

  • Group workshops

  • Mock interviews

  • Networking events on and off campus

  • Panel discussions

  • Guest speakers

Support every step of the way

Career advisors at Hult are not only expert professionals—they are passionate, dedicated individuals who care deeply about your future. Your success is in your hands, but your career advisor will support, guide, and encourage you every step of the way.

Get coaching and support with:

  • Internships

  • Job search

  • LinkedIn profile

  • CV/resumé writing

  • Offer negotiation

  • Interview preparation

Achieve your employment goals

An MBA degree from Hult could take you to many places and on many different career paths. These career outcomes showcase the impressive success of our Class of 2022 graduates, just three months post-graduation.




of Hult master's graduates were employed after 6 month of graduation



of international One- Year MBA students at US campuses gained employment in the US



of Hult Global Online MBA graduates are at director level or above within 12 months Social Profile Data, People Data Labs, 2023



average salary increase for Hult Executive MBA graduates after graduation

Leading employers of Hult MBA graduates

  • Accenture

  • Amazon

  • Apple

  • Bank of America

  • BMW

  • BNY Mellon

  • Capgemini

  • Capital One

  • Citi

  • EF Education First

  • EY

  • Fidelity

  • Goldman Sachs

  • Google

  • Havas

  • Hilton

  • JP Morgan

  • PwC

  • Santander

  • Siemens

Welcome to your global alumni network

When you graduate, you'll join a network of over 29,000 business school alumni in more than 170 countries around the world. Welcoming, passionate, and ready to make a difference, our alumni are not only your future network—they can be your inspiration. The impact this global community can have, both on the career path of the individual and the business world at large, is limitless.

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Hear direct from Hult alumni around the world on the impact they're making in their field of business and how they see the future of work.


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Meet Tonika

Why did you choose an MBA?

I needed to acquire business fundamentals like organizational theory and economics. I also wanted to develop my leadership potential beyond mid-level seniority. I was reluctant to do an MBA as I associated it with cutthroat capitalism. Hult’s social conscience resonated with me.

How did Hult’s environment influence you?

Living and studying with people from all over the globe made a huge difference in the lives of all of us. We learned to see cross-culturally rather than just through an East/West lens. Now I’m part of a global community with friendships all over India, China, and Europe. I couldn’t have asked for better training—even though I had no idea that I would go on to become my country’s Ambassador.

What was the number one takeaway for you?

Studying in Shanghai marked my life on many levels and it still opens doors for me even now. Learning about doing business in China from a Western perspective led to meaningful opportunities that would not have been possible at a traditional business school.

Any advice for future students?

Form yourself into a global citizen. Learn languages, travel, and develop an understanding of other cultures. Coming from a non-traditional background, I’ve often felt like an outsider but I let it drive me rather than stifle me. Today, I’m the most confident I’ve ever been and all my skills are being utilized. From one day to the next, I’ll speak three or four languages, develop partnership agreements, or work to conceptualize what entrepreneurial diplomacy might mean for my country.

Tonika Sealy Thompson
Ambassador of Barbados to Brazil,
Government of Barbados

MBA, Class of 2021

Lifelong learning by doing

Change never stops, and neither should your learning. You’ll need to continually refresh your knowledge, skills, and qualifications throughout your career. Whether your goals change or your industry does, our lifelong learning options enable you to stay up-to-date and relevant—always.


One elective a year, on us

Most careers span decades and critical skills can change as you progress in seniority. The rapid pace of change also means future critical business knowledge might have simply been impossible to learn during your program. After you graduate, you can refresh your skillset or get up to speed in a new business trend by enrolling in one elective a year at any of our global campuses. There’s a small registration fee, but the course is otherwise free of charge.

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A degree from Hult is just the start of an exciting lifelong journey. These career outcomes showcase the impressive success of our Class of 2022 graduates, just six months post-graduation.

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