Hult Apprenticeships Program

Apprenticeships for Those Made to Do

Explore government-funded leadership and management apprenticeships that address the ever-changing skills gaps organisations across England currently face.

Apprenticeship programmes

The apprenticeships we offer are designed for high-potential, action-oriented employees with a desire to tackle real-world problems and bring innovative solutions back to the workplace.


Level 5

Operations or Departmental Manager

A fully funded Level 5 apprenticeship designed for department managers and team leaders to expand their leadership and management skills and make a real impact on team performance.

  • 15-21 months (online)

  • Fully funded by the apprenticeship levy

  • Open and closed cohorts available

Level 7—Postgraduate Diploma in Leadership & Management

Senior Leader Apprenticeship

A fully funded Level 7 apprenticeship designed to empower senior leaders with the knowledge, skills and behaviours needed to lead with confidence, agility and creativity.

  • 18-24 months (blended learning)

  • Fully funded by the apprenticeship levy

  • Option to level up to MSc (top-up fee required)

Level 7—Postgraduate Diploma + Level Up to MSc

Senior Leader Apprenticeship+MSc.

Complete the Postgraduate Diploma in Leadership & Management and then level up to earn a Master's with as little as six months of additional study.

  • 24-30 months

  • Option to level up at any point throughout postgraduate diploma

  • Top-up fee to level up to MSc. is £6,000

Level 7—Executive MBA Pathway

Senior Leader Apprenticeship+MBA

An opportunity to earn a world-class, triple-accredited MBA, partially funded by the levy. Complete the apprenticeship plus 6 additional months of study and a final work-based project to earn an Executive MBA.

  • A maximum of 31 months (including EPA and final project)

  • Top up to MBA with as little as 6 months' extra study (£10,000 top-up fee)

  • Must opt for MBA Pathway prior to application for apprenticeship

Looking for something different?

As well as open cohorts, we regularly work in partnership with employers to develop closed, customised apprenticeship programmes that will suit the needs of their business.

Apprenticeships that make an impact

Our passion for apprenticeships is driven by our ambition to create a better future for all, by inspiring and challenging our community to make an impact that matters. Through our highly relevant programmes, passionate teaching and focus on applied learning, we build the knowledge, skills and behaviours that employers want, and entrepreneurs need to thrive in today’s workplace.

Why Apprenticeships?

  • Upskill high potential employees

  • Transform leadership

  • Develop innovation culture

  • Provide L&D opportunities for your staff

We work with organisations in England to identify and address their most fundamental skills gaps. We provide apprenticeships that can maximise their levy fund and help them to make an impact that matters.

A triple-accredited, world-class education

Hult Ashridge apprenticeships enable organisations to empower their people with a world-leading business school education, funded by the apprenticeship levy. Designed by some of the most renowned experts in the world of business. Delivered by practitioner faculty and driven by the latest research, apprentices at Hult Ashridge learn the skills they need to help organisations keep apace of a fast-changing business landscape.

Future Thinking


Entrepreneurial mindset


Critical thinking

Decision Making

Growth Strategies

Problem Solving

About the Apprenticeship Levy

The Apprenticeship Levy is a government initiative that aims to provide learning and development opportunities for working professionals throughout their careers. Any employer in England can access the levy to fund training for their employees.

  • Available to all employers in England

  • Access fully-funded qualifications

  • Enhance your existing L&D offering

Off-the-job training

Off-the-job training is a mandatory requirement of all apprenticeships. Apprentices must be able to demonstrate at least six hours per week of off-the-job training for the duration of their apprenticeship.

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If you have any questions about our apprenticeships and how they can work for your organisation, our apprenticeships team are here to help.

Skills Scan

The Skills Scan is a vital part of the apprenticeship application process for apprentices and line managers.

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Ashridge (Bonar Law Memorial) Trust is registered on the list of approved apprenticeship providers. UK PRN 10008899