Applying to the Hult MBA Program

Are you ready to study at the business school that brings together people, cultures, and innovative ideas from around the world? Take the first step by applying to Hult. We have a simple, personalized application process and are available to support you throughout. Watch this video to see the invaluable part our enrollment advisors can play in your success.


Hult MBA Enrollment

What we look for in an MBA candidate

At Hult, we want to understand who you are and what drives you. We’re looking for students who'll make an impact—not just in business, but in the world. Students who demonstrate academic achievement, passion, curiosity, leadership potential, and drive. With that in mind, we take a comprehensive approach to reviewing all information submitted with every application.

Application Deadline - Round 5

June 30, 2024

01 Activate your profile

  • Go to the application page
  • Enter your personal details, recent employment history, and education history
  • Pay the 95 USD application fee to activate your profile, and your personal enrollment advisor will be in touch

02 Application consultation

A member of the enrollment team will call you to discuss your suitability for the program and guide you through the next steps.

03 Complete your application

Submit application and supporting documents in Hult's online application. A conditional acceptance may still be given prior to submission of test scores.

  • Current resume/CV
  • Personal statement
  • One academic or professional reference
  • A copy of your bachelor's degree or equivalent
  • Transcripts (in English) from all universities attended
  • Submit your test scores, if required, i.e. TOEFL, IELTS, Duolingo English Test (DET). Your enrollment advisor will let you know if you are required to submit any test scores.
  • Scholarship and financial aid application

04 Personal assessment interview (In person or video call)

This interview is the centerpiece of the Hult admissions process. We are a future-focused business school and this is the best opportunity you have to share your plans and dreams with us! This quality time gives us an exciting opportunity to get to know you and for you to get to know us.

05 Admissions decision

  • You will receive an admissions decision within two weeks, including decisions on any financial assistance applications
  • If you have yet to submit required documents, you may receive a conditional acceptance

06 Submit outstanding documents

If you receive a conditional acceptance, you will need to submit any outstanding required documentation—such as your test scores or college transcripts—before you start your program

Entry requirements

  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent
  • Three or more years’ work experience
  • Proof of proficiency in English (i.e. TOEFL/IELTS/PTE/ Duolingo English Test (DET))
  • Successful application process

Apply now, and one of our enrollment advisors will be in touch to support you through the process.

Application process

Your Hult journey is unique and will be personalized to you. This starts the day you get in touch with us and continues through graduation—and beyond. You’ll have a dedicated enrollment advisor to guide you and your family through the application process. They’ll advise you on finances, scholarships, campus locations, and how to apply. You’ll also have a visa coordinator who’ll work closely with you to ensure your safe arrival to campus. Our team of international education specialists is here to ensure your preparation for college is as smooth and stress-free as possible.

Watch this video to see the invaluable part our enrollment advisors can play in your success.


Application deadlines

We accept applications on a rolling basis, with priority being given to those who apply by our official application deadlines.

Application DeadlineScholarship Deadline
Round 1October 31, 2023September 30, 2023
Round 2December 20, 2023November 30, 2023
Round 3February 29, 2024January 31, 2024
Round 4April 30, 2024March 31, 2024
Round 5June 30, 2024May 31, 2024
Round 6September 7, 2024July 31, 2024

Dual Degree

Whether you’re joining us full-time or part-time, we reward you for showing your commitment to us early. Candidates applying for our Dual Degree program are eligible to receive their second degree at a reduced cost when they apply and confirm their place early.

Scholarships & awards

You can apply for a range of merit-based scholarships that reward your achievements and potential. Awards are limited and competition increases as the year progresses. We recommend applying as early as you can to put yourself in the best position to secure a scholarship.

Download Brochure

Download a brochure for an in-depth look at Hult's MBA programs.

Communicate With Us Your Way

Our international team of advisors is here to discuss your individual goals and answer all your questions. How you get in touch is up to you.

Application Deadline - Round 5

June 30, 2024

Priority is given to those who apply by the deadline. Our enrollment team will support and guide you through the entire process.