The Hult Dual Degree Program

Hult’s Dual Degree is the ultimate skills builder. You can combine any two Hult master’s degrees to create the ideal skillset for the role you want post-graduation—with just 18 months of study.

For a limited time, applicants are eligible for a partial tuition award on their second degree. Apply today and a member of our team will get back to you to confirm you qualify for the award.


Hult Dual Degree Program


Get the skills for the job you want

Standing out in today’s crowded job market is all about skills. Can you demonstrate to potential employers that you have the skills to do the job they’re hiring for—from your first day on the job? Hult’s Dual Degree is the ultimate skills builder. Combining two degrees to give you the specific skillset you need for the job you want is a smart solution for business students looking for a competitive edge.

What is a Dual Degree?

A Dual Degree sees you earn two postgraduate degrees in different subject areas. You start the second degree immediately after completing the first. Think of a Dual Degree as two standalone degrees, each offering specialized knowledge in addition to the foundational work completed during a traditional single degree.

How long does it take to complete a Dual Degree?

Hult’s Dual Degree programs take 18 months to complete. The first degree takes 12 months and includes both core courses and elective courses. The second degree takes 6 months and includes core courses only.

How is a Dual Degree different from a specialization?

A Dual Degree is similar to a double major or a specialization in that you study two distinct areas of business, but with a Dual Degree you study your second subject in much greater depth and graduate with two standalone degrees.

Who should take a Dual Degree?

Individuals early in their careers who are still exploring their professional paths could benefit from starting with a generalist degree like an MBA or MIB before deciding on specializations through elective courses offered within these programs.

Can I do an internship on a Dual Degree?

Yes, in fact a Dual Degree allows for a longer internship period than a single degree.


How it works

Earn two degrees and graduate faster

If you choose to further your studies with a full-time Dual Degree program, your first degree will follow a standard one-year master’s or MBA program, on your home campus, with the opportunity to take any electives at any of our campuses. You’ll then pursue your accelerated second degree, which has no elective courses, at our London, Boston, or San Francisco campus.

The one-year MBA programs and Master’s in International Business can only be taken first. For your second degree, choose from any of the following master’s programs at our London, Boston, or San Francisco campus:

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Choosing your Dual Degree

Become an expert in your field

Choosing the right Dual Degree combination will depend on your career goals, both immediately after graduation and in the longer term. If you’re looking to boost your all-around business skills and have a specific industry in mind, a generalist business degree (such as a Master’s in Management or MBA) makes an ideal first degree. Followed by a second specialist degree in the industry you want to go into (such as finance, marketing, or analytics).

Generalist business + specialist Dual Degree combinations

The most popular Dual Degree combinations at Hult are taking a general business degree, Master’s in Management (MIB) or Master’s in Business Administration (MBA), as a first 12-month degree and following that with a second 6-month accelerated degree in a specialist area, such as marketing, finance, or analytics.

This type of Dual Degree combination is ideal as the first degree builds the essential business, leadership and foundational skills.

The second degree builds on this with a deep dive into a specialist subject, equipping students with specialist skills and expertise within their chosen area. While taking a specialization as part of a general business degree can offer an overview, a Dual Degree offers students more time and greater depth to truly become an expert in their specialist field.

Critical thinking



Self-aware mindset

Strategic Thinking

Gain international experience and cross-cultural skills

There are certain skills and wider benefits to doing a Dual Degree that are unique to Hult’s international environment, highly in-demand with employers, and hugely beneficial to graduates' careers in the long term.

Hult students in Dubai

Widen your cultural experience

Study at multiple campuses with what we call “Global Campus Rotation”. You might start in Boston, then move to Dubai, or London. It’s a hands-on way to broaden your international experience, self-confidence, and market knowledge.


Expand your network

A Dual Degree gives you more time to connect with and learn from others on similar paths. There are so many opportunities that new cities and new encounters bring—use it to your advantage.

Professor presenting to classroom in Boston

Gain hands-on project experience

Hult's challenge learning approach gives you firsthand experience working with real clients in the industry you want to work in. So you can secure the job you really want; in the field you love.

Fees & Admissions

Limited time tuition award available

Dual Degree candidates are available for a tuition award on their second degree when they apply by our upcoming deadline. If your application is successful, you will be given a deadline to confirm your seat. Terms and conditions apply.

Dual Degree Deadline

June 15, 2024

Priority is given to those who apply by the application deadline. Our enrollment team will support and guide you through the entire process.

Dual Degree fees for 2024 - 2025 intake¹

BostonSan FranciscoLondon
Program fee²44,000 USD44,000 USD35,000 GBP
Other student-related costs³3,300 USD3,300 USD2,400 GBP
Available 2nd Degree Options (starting Sep 2025)Master's in International Marketing, Master's in Finance, Master's in Business Analytics Master's in Business Analytics, Master's in Entrepreneurship and InnovationMaster's in International Marketing, Master's in Finance
  • ¹ Dual Degree fees are in addition to the first degree fees & costs

  • ² Price for Program Fee and Other student-related costs (Library and Insurance) are indicative for starting Dual Degree in Fall 2025, and are subject to change.

  • ³ Includes Insurance (provider varies), and Library which includes cases, articles and other licensed materials.

Hult International Business School reserves the right to make changes in the courses offered, requirements for graduation, locations, program fees, and accommodation at any time without notice. Please ensure you have read and understood our terms and conditions, which you will be asked to accept at the point of submitting your application.

Personal support at every step

We work with every student individually to set a targeted strategy, equip them with the right tools, and guide them on a clear path to achieve their career ambitions. The results speak for themselves.

Get in touch and a member of our team will get back to you to confirm you qualify for the award.

People from every part of the world, intense class debates, skills in all aspects of business and marketing, and my dream job—Hult offered me all this and more.

Jasmin Manzano





of Hult master's graduates changed country, industry, or function



of Hult master's graduates were employed within six months of graduation



increase in pre-master's salary (Financial Times, 2021)



of international Hult master's graduates at US campuses gained employment in the US

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