Core Program

Gain the foundational business skills needed in any career with a practical, hands-on approach. Project management, data analysis, financial acumen, and marketing strategy skills are at the core of the Hult MBA program.

Your MBA core modules

All our MBA programs follow the same structure, which enables intensive skills development and continuous practical application during the core modules, followed by a wide range of elective options. You'll study five core modules, each with an integrated business challenge, before taking electives in your chosen subjects.

Core modules:

Module 1


Jump right in and apply your newly enhanced leadership, financial, and go-to-market skills to guide a new product launch in a competitive environment.

  • Business Challenge #1: Simulation (New Venture Strategy)

Module 2


Practise relationship-building and communications skills, along with data analysis and sales strategy to create and implement successful sales programs.

  • Business Challenge #2: Pitch Competition (Sales Strategy & Pipeline)

Module 3


Manage global operations by deepening your understanding of information systems, managing supply chains, and embodying ethics and sustainability.

  • Business Challenge #3: Pitch Competition (International Supply Chain)

Module 4


Identify business opportunities, create a project plan, assess financial viability, and persuasively present a plan to profitably expand into new markets.

  • Business Challenge #4: New Market Expansion Plan For a Real Client

Module 5


The only constant in life, and business, is change. Your final module addresses harnessing new technologies to lead your organization's digital transformation projects.

  • Business Challenge #5: Digital Transformation & Consulting

MBA SpecializationsMBA Specializations

Courses and challenges subject to change

    Business Challenges for the real world

    Business Challenges are project-based, faculty-led courses that occur during or at the end of each core module. These challenges combine skills, topics, and knowledge from previous courses to apply towards solving or developing real-world business strategies.

    At least one of these challenges involves working alongside a real-world corporate client, which gives students the opportunity to gain practical experience working with successful companies, grow their network, and add weight to their resume.


    Previous Business Challenge examples include:


    Mercedes Benz

    Developing solutions to increase the electric vehicle share in key global markets.


    Verizon Wireless

    Establishing new market segments and key enablers of technological disruption.



    Developing an integrated marketing campaign across Above the Line and Below the Line touchpoints.


    Groupo Bimbo

    Integrating technological strategies, including ecommerce and autonomous vehicles, into food industry strategy while enhancing existing business models and creating new customer access innovations.


    Entrepreneurial Challenge

    Creating a new business concept at the edge of growth trends, while developing and validating ideas through deep insights, and building a go-to-market plan that is executable and financeable.


    STEM Challenge

    Identify a future business opportunity in the next 5-10 years, perform a professional exploration of the opportunity, and develop a strategic plan to integrate and execute the opportunity

    Experience that gets results

    The skills and mindset students gain at Hult have earned our graduates a reputation amongst employers as globally minded changemakers. Hult alumni are in demand with the world’s leading companies and are forging successful careers across a variety of industries all over the world.

    Top employers

    • Accenture

    • PwC

    • Deloitte

    • Amazon

    • Deutsche Bank

    • McKinsey & Company


    companies hiring Hult 2021 graduates
    across 40 countries



    changed country, industry or function



    employed after six months

    Strong leadership comes with practice

    It’s not until you actually lead a team of people that you understand the type of leader you are. We’ve taken advanced self-awareness practices from leadership development courses and built them into all our degree programs. As you take on leadership roles in a series of real-world challenges, you’ll examine your personal attributes against key leadership competencies.

    Armed with this insight and the systematic feedback of your peers, you’ll work to improve the key skills you’ve identified and develop an authentic style of leadership that’s uniquely you. We provide the team, the task, and the tools—the rest is up to you.

    What our students say

    Through Hult’s MBA I’ve discovered an inner confidence that I didn’t know I had. I've sharpened my leadership skills and mastered specialist skills. It’s been eye-opening.

    Usamah Khan



    From my resume to interview prep, my career advisor coached me every step of the way. She’s a big part of why I have the job I do today.

    Saviera Ubas



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