International Business With Analytics

Maximize your employability—and your global graduate opportunities—by adding a highly in-demand analytics specialization to your Master's in International Business. You'll graduate with a STEM degree at no additional cost.


Combine business acumen with analytics know-how

Students can specialize in Analytics by completing the relevant core course requirements, as well as specialized Business Analytics courses. This combination will give you a well-rounded skillset in data, business analysis, and machine learning grounded in the context of global business environments.

Our programs are centered on real-world business challenges. Students take the knowledge and skills they learn in class and continually test them, and themselves, through practical application. Find out more about our challenge-based curriculum.

How it works:

  • * Business Analytics Specializations (STEM modules)

Core modules for this program:

Module 1


An intensive immersion into business fundamentals and a deep dive into your own communication and collaboration skills.

Module 2


Details make deals—streamline business processes, use data to gain insights, then devise and execute on sales plans.

Module 3


Build on everything you've learned so far to create project plans for global expansion that incorporate marketing trends and financial decision-making.

STEM Modules

Business Analytics

Build your skills in Business Analytics by focusing exclusively on Analytics specializations. These specialized STEM modules will give you the tools to stand out in a competitive job market.

  • Courses and challenges subject to change

Stand out with STEM

STEM degrees are among the most in-demand with employers worldwide and opportunities in the field of analytics are growing fast. The pressing need across industries for employees with skills in science, technology, engineering, and math, as well as business know-how, makes those with a Master’s in International Business (with Analytics) some of the most desirable graduates on the global job market. When you choose the Analytics Track at one of our global campus locations in you’ll graduate with a world-class master’s degree and a highly in-demand STEM specialization in Analytics.

  • Fast climb up the career ladder

  • Stand out from local talent

  • Secure a spot in a high-demand market. Typical MIBA job outcomes: Business Analyst, Marketing Analyst, Financial Analyst, Consultant

  • Make your Master's in International Business degree eligible for US STEM OPT extension upon graduation (and stay up to three-years in the US)

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Read our blog to learn more about the benefits of a STEM degree.

OPT opportunities

Increase your eligibility to work in the US

Not only does this program increase your employability worldwide, but you can also be eligible for up to three years of post-graduation work authorization (OPT) in the US. You must study in the US for the full year of your master's and go on to work in a STEM Analytics related field.

Non-STEM graduates are only eligible for a maximum of one year OPT in the US, so you gain a real advantage if your goal is to work in the US. With up to three years of work rights in the country, employers feel more confident hiring a STEM-educated international. The employer knows that if things go well, they can invest in you and plan to have your experience for three years or even longer. And you get more time to build up your skills in an international role.

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Q&A with Katharine Boshkoff

We caught up with Hult’s VP of Global Career Development & Alumni Relations, Katharine Boshkoff, to get her insight into what makes Hult’s Master’s in International Business (with Analytics) program such a good option for students looking to stand out.

What makes a MIBA different?

The MIBA offers a powerful combination of skilling in two core disciplines: business fundamentals, including leadership, strategy, marketing, finance, and operations, and business analytics which includes how to analyze, communicate, and persuade with data. Graduates seeking rapid career growth will be expected to have mastery of analytics and the ability to use data to drive business insights and conclusions.

Most importantly, all master's graduates looking to move into roles of higher impact must have the skills to effectively use information to deliver compelling and persuasive management proposals and recommendations (for example, using data in support of selling ideas to management.) Students also acquire basic skills in creating and preparing data sets for further analysis.

Can the MIBA make me more employable?

Absolutely. With the digitization of information, processes, and payments, data is at the core of most business transactions. Employers expect newly hired graduates to have the competencies to analyze data and information. Many MIBA graduates take business roles focused on understanding an organization’s business operations and needs and using data to identify problems and opportunities for improvement. Anyone wanting to make a strategic impact or rise quickly in their career must have skills in data analytics.

What are the five biggest reasons to do a STEM degree?

  • Secure a spot in a high-demand market: For all job seekers, mastery of high-demand skills qualifies you for more jobs. Talented job seekers with scarce skillsets get hired faster and often at higher pay. As of January 2023, even with slowdowns in some global economies, the data analytics market continues to multiply, and employers struggle to hire sufficient staff to meet their needs.

  • Stand out from local talent: Internationals seeking to work outside their home country need to be better than the local talent. Analytic skills plus a business background in areas like supply chain, finance, or marketing can boost you above your competitors – local job seekers.

  • Gain more time in international employment: In the US, STEM degrees offer graduates the possibility of longer-term visas. With up to three years of work rights in the country, employers feel more confident hiring a STEM-educated international. The employer knows that if things go well, they can invest in you and plan to have your experience for three years or even longer. And you get more time to build up your skills in an international role.

  • Make strategic impact: Top analysts have the data analytics skills to identify trends, solve problems, and form business strategies. This powerful tool kit empowers you to offer data-driven insights to your manager and the managers above. Even those in early career roles can start to develop insights that impact the business.

  • Fast climb up the career ladder: Increasingly, the analyst role is an entry-level job and is a job seeker’s onramp to a new employer. Once hired, becoming known as a great analyst helps you build a reputation of impact within your team or the business. Since analytic skills are helpful in the two main functions of a company—creating products and services or selling them—you position yourself for a choice of future roles, including options for a rapid climb up the career ladder.

The MIBA offers a powerful combination of skills in two core disciplines: business fundamentals, and business analytics.

Katharine Boshkoff

Global Vice President, Career Advancement and Alumni Relations

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Career Development

Transform your career

We work with every student individually to set a targeted strategy, equip them with the right tools, and guide them on a clear path to achieve their career ambitions. The results speak for themselves.



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of Hult master's graduates were employed after three months



of international students at US campuses gained employment in the US



increase in pre-masters salary 3 years after graduation, Financial Times, Master's in Management Ranking 2022

Campus Locations

Gain a global perspective

Strengthen your global mindset and gain the power to leverage diversity as you work directly with students from an average of 30 different nationalities and a wide range of professional backgrounds. Complete your core program in London or San Francisco, Boston or Dubai and take electives at any campus with Global Campus Rotation.

Students looking to qualify for US OPT STEM extension eligibility are required to study in the US for their entire master’s program including summer electives.

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