Learn on Location With City Seminars

Increase your knowledge and network as you learn from industry experts on-location in cites around the world.

Study specialist topics in the cities that do them best

These optional electives give our postgraduate students the chance to grow their expertise—and network—in a specialist area of business, in a location where that industry is at the top of its game.

During the summer months of your program, you can choose to travel to one of these world-leading cities, learn from professors who are experts in the field, and meet key players in the industry.

*These are sample locations and topics and are subject to change each summer. Hult does not guarantee that all sample locations will be offered and visa restrictions may apply.

Los Angeles

Entertainment Industry Seminar

LA is the epicenter of the global entertainment business, offering unparalleled access to industry giants, networking opportunities, and a firsthand look at where creativity meets commerce.

"I came to learn from people who are actually doing business in Asia."

Malin Fagerlund
Executive MBA
Class of 2024

San Francisco

Angel Investing & Venture Capital Seminar

If you’re interested in the entrepreneurial ecosystem, San Francisco is a pivotal choice to learn more about investment and venture capital with nearby Silicon Valley a global hub for innovation and startup growth.

Washington DC

Politics of Business Seminar

Washington DC is the focal point of political decision-making directly impacting the business landscape. Here, students can gain insights into policymaking, regulatory frameworks, and the influence of lobbying.


Luxury Fashion Seminar

Paris is synonymous with style and leads the world in haute couture. Here, students can witness iconic fashion houses firsthand, explore the rich history of fashion, and engage with the latest trends.


Supply Chain Analytics Seminar

Mexico's strategic position provides unique insights into global supply chain management, the complexities of cross-border logistics, import/export dynamics, and the optimization of supply chain processes.


Business History

The city's longstanding status as a global trade hub offers opportunities to bridge the past with the present, connecting historical lessons to contemporary business challenges.


Marketing & Innovation Seminar

The city’s strong emphasis on innovation and entrepreneurship makes it an ideal location for exploring the latest trends in digital marketing, e-commerce, and technology-driven business models.


FinTech Seminar

London is a global FinTech powerhouse with a thriving network of startups, established financial institutions, and regulatory authorities. Here, students can see the innovations driving the industry's transformation.

*These are sample courses and locations and are subject to change.

Featured seminars

Take a closer look at some of our seminars and hear from the students, speakers, and faculty that have taken part.



Sneaker Business & Culture Seminar

Boston, with its rich sports history and vibrant streetwear scene, provides an ideal backdrop to dive into the sneaker world. Here, at a unique intersection of sports, lifestyle, and innovation you’ll gain a deeper understanding of the industry's nuances and how to leverage the fusion of fashion, sport, and commerce.

Watch the video to get the lowdown on the notorious world of sneaker culture from expert, Cameron Dukes.



Business & Globalization Seminar

Singapore is a strategic choice for business students eager to understand the intricacies of international commerce in one of Asia's most influential financial and commercial hubs. Singapore, renowned for its pro-business environment, serves as a dynamic gateway to Asia-Pacific markets.

Watch the video to see this year's Singapore City Seminar in action.

*These are sample courses and are subject to change.

How it works

Frequently asked questions

You can always arrange a call with our enrollment team who will be able to answer your questions. In the meantime, take a look at some of the information below to find out more details on our City Seminars.

How many City Seminars can I attend?

There is no limit on the number of City Seminars you can attend, but some timings will overlap so you would not be able to attend all of them in one summer. You would also need to consider your schedule, visa applicability, and associated travel costs.

How long is each City Seminar?

Seminars are typically one week of fully immersive class sessions, local site and industry visits, guest speakers, events and networking, and more. Each city seminar typically also has pre-departure and post-seminar virtual sessions to prepare and debrief the week before students travel and after they return. So in total, the seminars occur over a few weeks:

  • Week 1: Virtual pre-departure session before heading to the location
  • Week 2: Full week of immersive sessions, company visits, guests, and events in the location
  • Week 3: Virtual post-seminar debrief session after returning

Do City Seminars count as for-credit courses?

City Seminars are considered two-credit elective courses. Students register for City Seminars at the same time as their summer elective course registration. Students are required to complete coursework, teamwork, and assessments, and attend interactive class sessions while attending the seminars, similar to all elective courses.

How much do City Seminars cost to attend?

Students are responsible for any travel, flight, visa and accommodation costs for City Seminars. City Seminar courses also typically come with an associated fee (max up to 500 USD per city seminar) to cover costs such as registration fees, group transportation, site visits, and other associated costs for the seminar.

How many students can attend each City Seminar?

City Seminars typically have a lower enrollment capacity than other elective courses. This is to ensure a smaller “seminar” class format and to ensure the group is a feasible size for traveling together and taking on site visits to local businesses. Typically, City Seminars are capped at a 25-35 student enrollment capacity. Students register for these on a first-come, first-serve basis when summer elective course registration opens to current students in February/March. City Seminars to tend to fill up quickly, but enrollment remains open until filled or a few weeks prior to the course when all flights and visas must be in place.

*City seminar enrolment capacities and offerings are subject to change.

Are the locations of City Seminars the same every year?

Locations for City Seminars are subject to change each summer. Current students are made aware of applicable City Seminar offerings for the upcoming summer during registration. An elective interest survey is sent to current students during the fall term to gauge interest in coming electives, rotations, specializations, and City Seminars for the upcoming summer term which is also taken into account.

Students are able to go into a completely different context and learn something very different.

Terence Tse, PhD

Professor of Finance

Part of a practical postgraduate education

City Seminars are open to students on all our postgraduate programs and are a great way to connect with professionals from other programs and campuses. The seminars form just part of our highly practical approach to business education. Find out more about our master’s programs below.

International Business programs

We offer three different pathways on our International Business degree. All start in fall 2024 unless otherwise stated.

Master's Degree

International Business

Gain a broad, practical understanding of business with on-the-ground international experience.

Boston, San Francisco, London, Dubai
1 year OPT (US)¹
Master's Degree

International Business

With Internship

Stand out in a competitive global job market by adding an internship to your Master's in International Business.

Boston, San Francisco, London, Dubai
1 year OPT (US)¹
Master's Degree | STEM

International Business

With Analytics

Maximize your employability—and your global graduate opportunities—by adding a STEM specialization in analytics to your master's.

San Francisco, London
3 years OPT (US)¹ ²

Specialist Master's Programs

All start in fall 2024.

Master's Degree

International Marketing

Gain the creative, strategic, and executional marketing skills to launch an international marketing career.

Boston, London
1 year OPT (US)¹
Master's Degree | STEM


Learn to tackle corporate finance in the real world as you build the tactical leadership and financial skills needed to make an impact.

Boston, London
3 years OPT (US)¹ ²
Master of Science Degree | STEM

Marketing & Analytics

Combine the strategic and creative skills of marketing with data know-how and analytical insight.

San Francisco, London
3 years OPT (US)¹ ²
Masters Degree | STEM

Business Analytics

Develop the analytical capability and business acumen to translate data into meaningful actions.

Boston, San Francisco, London
3 years OPT (US)*
Masters Degree

Entrepreneurship & Innovation

Gain the skills needed for value creation and learn to devise and deliver new products and services.

San Francisco, London
1 year OPT (US)*
  • ¹ All programs offer 2 years Graduate Immigration Route (UK) on graduating

  • ² Eligibility for the 3-year STEM OPT requires completion of the full year of master's study in the US and subsequent employment in a directly related STEM field.

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