The World is Your Campus

Choose one home campus for your core program and travel—or “rotate”—to other cities as you choose for electives. We call this ability to seamlessly hop from campus to campus “Global Campus Rotation.”



Global Campus Rotation

Seize the opportunity to explore different cultures, master new skills, and expand your global network. Gain on-the-ground international experience by traveling to multiple campuses or stay in one throughout the duration of your program if you’d prefer to deepen your connections in one city.

What can I study where?

Your home campus options depend on which master’s program you’re taking at Hult. The table below gives a breakdown of the programs that are available at each campus.

Hult BostonHult San FranciscoHult LondonHult Dubai
Master's in International Business⚫️⚫️⚫️⚫️
Master's in International Marketing⚫️⚫️
Master's in Business Analytics⚫️⚫️
Master's in Finance⚫️⚫️
Master's in Entrepreneurship & Innovation⚫️

Which campus will you call home?

Choose one of our centrally located home campuses to study your core program in, establish your network, and make career connections.

Explore more with electives

In addition to any of the home campuses above, you can travel to our rotation centers in New York and Shanghai for electives.

Rotation Center

Hult New York

Home to the financial giants of Wall Street and the advertising gurus of Madison Avenue, business doesn’t get more iconic than in NYC.

Rotation Center

Hult Shanghai

Gain invaluable insight into Chinese culture and business practices in the commercial center of Asian business.

Branch out with city seminars

Our optional city seminar electives give you an opportunity to learn more about a specific industry that has flourished in a particular location. Travel to the city, meet key stakeholders in that industry and complete a live client challenge in these hands-on, immersive experiences.

Why do particular industries flourish in certain locations? What are the historical, social, cultural, and technological factors that contribute to one industry becoming dominant in one place? These are the questions you’ll explore in our specialist city seminars.

Sample seminars

  • Biotech in Boston

  • Tech Innovation in Silicon Valley

  • Fashion in Dubai

  • Sustainable Businesses in Mexico City

What our students say

Coming to Hult was never just about getting a masters, it was about growing as a person, exploring new cultures, and opening myself up to experience a different way of living. I’m from Taiwan, so living and studying at Hult’s Boston campus has been incredible. I’ve loved experiencing the differences in food, culture, and weather between my tropical home country and the US.

Chia Yuan Chou




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