A Challenge-Centered Master's Curriculum

Our programs are centered on real-world business challenges. Students take the knowledge and skills they learn in class and continually test them, and themselves, through practical application.


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How it Works

Your one-year master’s program

All our master’s programs follow the same structure, which enables intensive skills development and continuous practical application during the core modules, followed by a wide range of elective options. You'll study three core modules, each with an integrated business challenge, before taking electives in your chosen subjects.

Specialist master's programs

2023 Hult Master's2023 Hult Master's

Master's International Business (with Internship)

2023 Hult Master's

Master's International Business (with Analytics)


Core Program

Master's degrees for those made to do

You want a master’s degree that will give you a competitive edge in the rapidly changing global economy. Hult’s master’s programs have been designed to develop the skills most in demand with employers worldwide so you can add value from your first day on the job.

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Develop the business expertise to make an impact

Gain the foundational business skills needed in any career with a practical, hands-on approach. Project management, data analysis, financial acumen, and marketing strategy skills are at the core of the Hult master’s program.

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Gain the digital skills the 21st century demands

Different specializations require different technological savvy but one thing’s for certain—you need a strong digital skillset in today’s workplace. Choose from a variety of specializations that will give you the knowledge and skills to succeed in a tech-driven business world.

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Be the best team player you can be

Business is built on people and it’s ultimately your ability to lead and contribute to your team that will determine your personal and professional success. At Hult, you’ll focus on strengthening your collaboration, communication, and leadership skills that will prepare you to lead in a global business environment.

Specializations & Electives

Expand your global network & experience

Whether you have clear career goals or want to try different paths, your elective courses enable you to tailor your degree to support your individual career objectives. In the summer semester (from May to August) you’ll choose electives based on your personal interests and professional goals. You can travel or “rotate” up to twice to any campus—Boston, San Francisco, London, Dubai, and New York—to take your electives.

You can explore your options with a broad range of electives or target your specific career goals with a specialization. It can be a great opportunity to network with students and faculty on different campuses while gaining on-the-ground experience in multiple cities. Different campuses offer different elective courses—so it’s up to you where and what you study.

Go deep with specializations

Target your dream job and maximize your employability in that field with a specialization. With 22 specializations to choose from, you can be laser-focused on your career goals.

Go broad with electives

Explore your career options as you increase your knowledge and skills across subjects by choosing any four electives from across the range of over 150 courses.

Take an elective a year for life

Once you graduate, we have lifelong learning options that enable you to stay up to date and relevant—always. You can come back to any campus, every year, to take an elective that suits you.

Dual Degree

Stand out twice as much in the global job market with a Hult Dual Degree, which gives you the option of complementing your one-year master's with a second specialist master’s degree in as little as six additional months of accelerated study.

What our students say

Hult is drastically different from other business schools. There are many intensive team activities that allow you to quickly develop the skills to do business with any personality type.

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