Challenge-Centered Master's Curriculum

Our programs are centered on real-world business challenges. Students take the knowledge and skills they learn in class and continually test them, and themselves, through practical application.

Our master’s core modules

All our master’s programs follow the same structure, which enables intensive skills development and continuous practical application during the core modules, followed by a wide range of elective options. You'll study three core modules, each with an integrated business challenge, at your home campus, before taking electives at other Hult campuses of your choice.

Choose the master's degree that's right for you

Master's Degree in

International Business

  • Module 1: Designing a New Product

  • Module 2: Selling Your Product

  • Module 3: Expanding Globally

Master's Degree in


  • Module 1: Language of Business & Markets

  • Module 2: Financial Data & Analysis

  • Module 3: Strategic Role of Finance

Master's Degree in

International Marketing

  • Module 1: Building the Foundation

  • Module 2: Going to Market

  • Module 3: Growing the Business

Master's Degree in

Business Analytics

  • Module 1: Managing Data in Business

  • Module 2: Keeping Up with the Quants

  • Module 3: Machine Learning & Optimization

Master's Degree in

Social Entrepreneurship

  • Module 1: Filling an Unmet Need

  • Module 2: Create Your Business Plan

  • Module 3: Get Financing and Launch

  • Module 1: Filling an Unmet Need

  • Module 2: Create Your Business Plan

  • Module 3: Get Financing and Launch

Skills-led learning

Hult’s master’s programs have been designed to develop the skills most in-demand with employers worldwide so you can add value from your first day on the job.

Tackle teamwork

Business is built on people. Focus on strengthening your collaboration, communication, and leadership skills that will prepare you to lead in a global business environment.

Technology knowledge

Choose from a variety of specializations that will give you the knowledge and skills to succeed in a tech-driven business world.

Essential expertise

Gain the foundational business skills needed in any career—project management, data analysis, financial acumen, and marketing strategy skills are at the core of the Hult master’s programs.

Strong leadership comes with practice

It’s not until you actually lead a team of people that you understand the type of leader you are. We’ve taken advanced self-awareness practices from leadership development courses and built them into all our degree programs. As you take on leadership roles in a series of real-world challenges, you’ll examine your personal attributes against key leadership competencies.

Armed with this insight and the systematic feedback of your peers, you’ll work to improve the key skills you’ve identified and develop an authentic style of leadership that’s uniquely you. We provide the team, the task, and the tools—the rest is up to you.

What our students say

Hult is drastically different from other business schools. There are many intensive team activities that allow you to quickly develop the skills to do business with any personality type.

Esau White



People from every part of the world, intense class debates, skills in all aspects of business and marketing, and my dream job—Hult offered me all this and more.

Jasmin Manzano



Upcoming events

Connect with people in your region and all over the globe at our various events.

  • Virtual Skills Lab | Black History Month: Walking in Their Shoes | Oct 13

  • Virtual Skills Lab | 2022 Global Trend: Leading the Competition with Workplace Well Being | Nov 9

Application Deadline - Round 1

October 28, 2021

Priority is given to those who apply by the applications deadline. Our enrollment team will support and guide you through the entire process.