Core Masters in International Marketing Courses

You’ll study core courses through fall and winter on your home campus before elevating your learning with electives at any or all of Hult’s global campuses.



Your program begins with a total immersion in Hult’s uniquely practical approach to education. This is when you’ll be introduced to the Hult DNA and the mindsets that will help every student succeed. You’ll start your first core course and learn more about your program journey, yourself, and your classmates through intensive workshops, lectures, and challenges. You’ll also be introduced to your campus support teams, professors, career coaches, and mentors who will guide you through your journey at Hult.

Sample topics

  • Growth Mindset & Hult DNA
  • Academic Toolkit
  • Setting Goals & Personal Development Plan

Customer journey

Customer journey is one of the most important aspects of marketing in today’s competitive world. Explore the post-digital ecosystem, consider concepts around customer satisfaction and dissatisfaction, and the roles and impact of culture on purchasing decisions.

Sample topics:

  • Consumer Behavior & Psychology
  • Designing Consumer Experience Journeys
  • Stakeholders, Partners & Contributors

Collaboration & Teamwork

Your ability to work with others is what will define your career success—perhaps more than any other skill. In this course, you’ll learn about the difference between groups and teams and explore the features of high-performing teams. Ultimately, you’ll leave this course armed with response strategies that drive and sustain productive team communication and lead to better outcomes.

Sample topics

  • Conflict Resolution
  • Driving Productivity & Performance
  • Cross-Cultural Communication

Marketing Strategy & Execution

Achieve a competitive advantage for your company’s products and services with a thorough understanding of marketplace dynamics, both customer and competitor. Explore new concepts and uncover fresh insights while building strategic skills.

Sample topics:

  • Understanding the Competitor Environment
  • Market Identification & Entry Strategies
  • Planning for Marketing Impact

Marketing & Society

Social marketing is an increasingly critical tool for 21st century managers. Consider the key behavioral challenges facing society and businesses today and develop specific, socially driven strategies to change deep-seated attitudes for the wider good.

Key topics:

  • Culture, Inclusivity & Diversity
  • Marketing for Change
  • Consumption & Marketing Accountability

Marketing Analytics & Insights

Learn to translate available data into competitively advantageous decision supports. Develop a basic familiarity with applicable data sources and types, to address three core dimensions of marketing: customer acquisition, retention, and marketing mix optimization.

Sample topics:

  • Insights & Trends
  • Data Analysis & Decision Making
  • Introduction to SPSS & R

Sales & Business Development

Business development has become increasingly sophisticated; marketers must implement nuanced channel strategies to enable high performance development. Learn how to design a strategy that integrates a sales management framework, to ensure successful future account engagement.

Sample topics:

  • Role of Sales & the Sales Process
  • Managing & Organizing Sales Teams
  • Managing Leads, Key Accounts & Clients

Digital Media & Communications

Examine the full range of modern digital marketing platforms as revolutionized by the Internet. Explore the concept of lean marketing, define best practices, and scope out the potential for continued disruption and change.

Sample topics:

  • New Media Channels & Audiences
  • Designing Hybrid Marketing Campaigns
  • Future of Communications

Brand Management

Creating (and maintaining) strong brands that deliver on promises and values is critical for business success. Learn how to make branding decisions, develop a strategic brand plan, and oversee successful management.

Sample topics:

  • Brands as Organizational Assets
  • Brand Extensions & Portfolios
  • Brand Strategy

Innovation & New Product Development

Innovation is vital to business—but has its risks. Examine the issues, strategies, and approaches in bringing new goods to the global marketplace, and learn methods of identifying opportunities, idea generation, and concept development.

Sample topics:

  • New Product Development Process
  • Launching New Products & Services
  • Collaborative Innovation & Partnerships



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