Now you’ve got the basics covered, it’s time to take it up a gear. Advance your own soft skills while delving deeper into all things consumer-focused and brand-related.

Courses in this module

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Core Course

Brand Strategy

A strong brand forms the basis of a meaningful relationship between your company, your product, your employees, and your customer. But it’s no easy feat. Develop your brand management knowledge and skills—with consideration of the social forces at play—and empower yourself with the ability to develop an effective brand strategy.

Key Topics & Skills

  • Branding With Purpose & Operationalizing the Brand Through Values

  • Fundamentals of Brand Strategy & Developing Brand Loyalty

  • Social Forces & Brand Activism

  • Branding Strategy

  • Building Brands Ethically

Core Course

Collaboration & Communication #2: Teamwork

This course builds on the skills developed in Communication & Collaboration 1, moving from exploring your personal impact to exploring team impact. You’ll focus on conflict resolution and negotiation and influencing organizational outcomes through team decision making.

Key topics & skills

  • Team Collaboration

  • Team Diversity

  • Team Problem Solving Tools

  • Conflict Resolution

  • Negotiation

  • Bias & Decision Making

Core Course

Digital Marketing Strategy

Explore the full range of digital marketing platforms and activities with best practices and innovation opportunities in mind. Consider the digital customer journey, online marketing, search engine optimization, paid search, and linkages between online and offline marketing channels as well as how the growth of technology will lead to new opportunities and challenges.

Key Topics & Skills

  • Building a Marketing Strategy for the Post-Digital Consumer

  • User-Generated Content & Co-Creation

  • Measurement, New Media Channels & Audiences

  • Building Engagement Through Transmedia Storytelling

  • Implementation & Measurement of the Digital Marketing Strategy

Core Course

Marketing Metrics & Analytics

Marketing analytics enables you to gain a competitive edge and translate data into actionable decisions. Familiarize yourself with data sources and data types, so that you can understand statistical methodologies and draw robust conclusions from the data. Focus on customer retention, acquisition, loyalty, marketing mix optimization, and brand measurement.

Key Topics & Skills

  • Marketing Model Metrics

  • Customer Lifetime Value

  • Brand Measurement Metrics

  • SEO, SEM, Advertising Metrics & Online Audience

Business Challenge

Business Challenge #2

Put all your newly acquired knowledge and skills directly into practice at the end of each block through a practical and relevant business challenge. Teams will draw on the content and themes of previous courses in each block to complete challenges involving simulations, executive pitch presentations, innovation hackathons, real company challenges, designing new business models, etc.

Key topics & skills

  • Cross Functional Strategic Decision Making, Planning & Coordination

  • Analyzing Real & Simulated Business Cases

  • Team Leadership & Dynamics

Courses and challenges subject to change

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