Get ready to immerse yourself into the world of a global marketing professional. Nail the essential foundational skills, from consumer behavior to data, finance, and communication.

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Core Course

Business Bootcamp

You'll need broad business knowledge to be a well-rounded professional. Then, you can evaluate market opportunities, design operations, and build profitable business models—all in collaboration with peers from across your company and beyond. Get a broad view of functions across a company before applying your learning in an immersive, intense, and challenging multi-stage business simulation.

Key topics & skills

  • Business Functions & Concepts

  • Collaborating in High Performance Teams

  • Strategy Simulation

Core Course

Collaboration & Communication #1

Effective communication and collaboration skills can make or break a successful career. Gain a clear understanding of the most in-demand interpersonal competencies and skills in business today. Then, continually apply these skills in exercises and role plays, and graduate with the soft skills needed to succeed in the global workplace.

Key topics & skills

  • Managing Yourself

  • Communicating with Individuals & Groups

  • Presentation Skills

  • Drivers of Effective Team Collaboration

Core Course

Consumer Behavior

Understanding the customer journey is one of the most important aspects of marketing in today’s exceptionally competitive world. Learn about building product awareness, consumer behavior, and marketing technology in a post-digital world—and understand how culture, social groups, and lifestyle impact a customer’s purchasing decisions.

Key topics & skills

  • Creating Customer Personas

  • Drivers of Consumer Behavior

  • Customer Satisfaction, Dissatisfaction & Perception

  • Social Trends Impacting Consumer Decision-Making

Core Course

Financial Literacy for Marketers

As a business professional, you’ll need to understand and analyze financial reports and business problems as well as create budgets. Gain the financial knowledge that marketers need to assess financial performance and health of companies, determine pricing strategies, perform profit planning, and budget for operating activities and new project proposals.

Key topics & skills

  • Financial Reporting, Evaluating Performance & Financial Health

  • Alternative Pricing Strategies, Cost Behavior & Profit Planning

  • Budgeting, Cash Flow & Capital Investment

  • Social Trends Impacting Consumer Decision-Making

  • Pricing Strategy & Planning—Strategy & Tools

Core Course

Marketing Insights through Data

Good marketing is driven by data. You’ll need to make sense of that data and uncover actionable insights into your customer, product, and company. Learn how to identify and contextualize the problem—and then dig deeper through research. Understand concepts such as forecasting and regression—and what the consumer is telling you through data.

Key topics & skills

  • Primary & Secondary Research Techniques

  • Statistical Concepts & Applying Them to Marketing

  • Time Series Analysis & Forecasting

  • Predicting Consumer & Company Behavior

  • Cleaning Data for Marketing

Business Challenge

Business Challenge #1: Customer Journey

It's time to put your learning to the test in your first business challenge. You’ll map consumer behavior for a large B2C company, creating a customer journey map. You’ll conduct primary and secondary research, plus statistical analysis, to forecast customer and company performance.

Key topics & skills

  • Consumer Behavior & Mapping the Customer Journey

  • Analyzing & Presenting Data

  • Applying Statistical Tools for Forecasting

  • Primary & Secondary Research and Company Analysis

  • Presentation Skills

Courses and challenges subject to change

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