Experience Real-World Business Challenges

Put theory into practice and gain hands-on experience as you take part in internships and live client challenges. Throughout your program, you’ll compete to solve real-world business problems as creatively as possible and graduate with a practical skillset suited to any career.


Come together to find solutions

We believe you learn best by doing. At Hult, you’ll face real-world business challenges as part of your everyday classroom experience. Whether you’re figuring out how best to apply new technology to an existing business, developing a startup idea, or coming up with innovative ways to address social problems, you’ll work in diverse teams to solve the big issues facing businesses today.

New market expansion

Choose a firm which has either a product or service and a country in which this firm does not already have a presence. Develop an operations and production strategy for this country. Which mode of entry would you recommend? What strategy will you use for cross-cultural management?

Building your startup

You’re starting up a new business. How do you distribute the leadership roles? What is your overall strategy? Estimate the size of the markets in which you want to compete. Allocate your production capacity and investments. Define your pricing and promotion strategy. Now launch!

What is fintech?

Choose a company that claims to be, or that you think is, a “fintech” company. Provide evidence as to why it is (or isn’t) fintech. Clearly specify the product offerings of the company and how they have innovated (or not) on what was already available. How will you innovate and improve on the product?

Learn by doing

Kebone Moloko graduated from her Hult MIB in 2018 and is now Foudner and CEO for her own business. We asked her to tell us more about her practical MIB experience.

Do you have a challenge learning highlight from your time at Hult?

The challenge for the Future Mindset course. It was my first encounter with design thinking, but what an amazing experience it was! I learned that it’s important to repeatedly “fall in love with the problem,” and continuously iterate to find what’s best for the end user.

What did you learn about team building in the process?

Managing team dynamics among a group of strong-willed personalities, all with excellent skills and ideas, was tough at first. We later understood that the lesson was in the journey, in the art of communication, and what we could learn from each other. After numerous attempts and failures, we eventually found and executed an awardwinning solution.

How did Hult prepare you for the working world?

Learning at Hult was not confined to the lecture room. During tasks and team assignments, we were often encouraged to “get out of the building” by our professors, which instilled in us a culture of innovative, out-of-the-box thinking and implementation.

How are you making an impact today?

Being at Hult inspired me to follow my dreams of being a full-time entrepreneur. I now run a resource and business hub for queer women founders and leaders across Africa.

Teaching at Hult

Three Hult professors—Dean Samineh Shaheem, Mark Esposito, and David James—share the inspirations and driving factors behind their own unique teaching methods. Drawing on real-world business expertise they create immersive and memorable classroom experiences that stand out from the rest. Ready to learn outside of the ordinary? Welcome to teaching at Hult.


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