From an intensive immersion into business fundamentals to a deep dive into your own communication and collaboration skills—get all the basics covered that will set you on your path to becoming an effective business professional.

Courses in this module

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Core Course

Business Bootcamp

You'll need broad business knowledge to be a well-rounded professional. Then, you can evaluate market opportunities, design operations, and build profitable business models—all in collaboration with peers from across your company and beyond. Get a broad view of functions across a company before applying your learning in an immersive, intense, and challenging multi-stage business simulation.

Key topics & skills

  • Business Functions & Concepts

  • Collaborating in High Performance Teams

  • Strategy Simulation

Core Course

Business Insights from Data

Many business problems can be solved with data. Learn how statistics and data analysis tools can lead to better business decisions and predict industry and market trends—enabling you to stay a step ahead.

Key topics & skills

  • Business Metrics for Data Analysis

  • Quantitative & Qualitative Analyses

  • Data Sampling, Testing & Analysis

  • Research Methods

Core Course

Collaboration & Communication #1

Effective communication and collaboration skills can make or break a successful career. Gain a clear understanding of the most in-demand interpersonal competencies and skills in business today. Then, continually apply these skills in exercises and role plays, and graduate with the soft skills needed to succeed in the global workplace.

Key topics & skills

  • Managing Yourself

  • Communicating with Individuals & Groups

  • Presentation Skills

  • Drivers of Effective Team Collaboration

Core Course

Financial Literacy

As a business professional, you'll need to be able to interpret and analyze financial reports, access capital to grow businesses, and navigate financial markets and institutions. Gain the basic financial acumen that will enable you to carry out financial analysis and management of a company.

Key topics & skills

  • Financial Reporting & Analysis

  • Corporate Valuation Methods

  • Financial Markets

  • Alternative Financing Techniques

Core Course

International Marketing

This hands-on course will give you an understanding of business and consumer markets as well as the issues facing international markets, the concepts and tools that marketers rely on to achieve their objectives, and the processes involved in the creation and delivery of customer value and satisfaction through marketing tactics.

Key topics & skills

  • International Marketing Strategy

  • Market Research

  • Market Segmentation

  • Multi-Channel Marketing

  • Factors of Effective Marketing Campaigns

Business Challenge

Business Challenge #1: Futures Thinking & Design Thinking (Quickfire)

For your first business challenge, get ready for an immersion into the innovation processes that create new products and services. These processes include futures thinking, design thinking, and the creation of dynamic, highly collaborative, and creative teams.

Key Topics & Skills

  • Financial & Non-Financial Performance Metrics

  • Understanding Your Team: From Charters & Development to Dynamics, Assignments, Evaluation & Two-Way Feedback

  • Formulating a Successful Company Strategy

  • Coordinating the Functional Roles within a Company to Deliver Results

Courses and challenges subject to change

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