The only constant in life, and business, is change. Your final module addresses harnessing new technologies to lead your organization’s digital transformation projects.

Courses in this module

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Core Course

Leading with Purpose

The relationship between values and leadership in organizations is becoming increasingly important in today’s global business environment. This course will give you a deeper understanding of how to harness a moral and ethical perspective. You'll develop the ability to exercise powerful and sustainable forms of organizational leadership.

Included in Boston-NYC Finance MBAGlobal One-Year MBA

Key topics & skills

  • Giving Voice to Values

  • Organizational Purpose

  • Moral & Ethical Decision-Making 

Core Course

AI and the Future of Finance

This course explores the intersection of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the changing landscape of work. You'll examine how AI technologies are reshaping industries, jobs, skills, and workforce dynamics. The course will delve into the opportunities and challenges presented by AI in various sectors and equip you with a comprehensive understanding of its implications for the future of work.

Included in Boston-NYC Finance MBA

Key topics & skills

  • Overview of AI & Current State of AI in Business

  • AI Applications in the Workplace

  • AI, Society & Ethics

  • Future Workforce & AI Trends

Core Course

Global Business Strategy

The long-term success of a company depends on a clearly articulated corporate strategy. Strategy is dynamic: it’s full of uncertainty, ambiguity, geo-political influences, and new opportunities and threats presented by technological advancements. You’ll combine timeless economic principles such as industry forces, relative cost position, and value chains with futures thinking to identify business opportunities and address evolving vulnerabilities.

Included in Global One-Year MBABoston-NYC Finance MBAExecutive MBAGlobal Online MBA

Key topics & skills

  • The Changing Nature of Strategy and the Evolution of Markets & Buyers

  • Industry Analysis & Competitive Advantage

  • Strategic Moves, Resources, Capabilities & Agility

  • Analyzing the Value Chain & Creating Shared Value

  • Strategic Innovation & Cross-Border Expansion Strategy

Core Course

Global Financial Markets

This course encompasses financial markets, their functions, and primary global actors. Prepare to work within the U.S. financial markets and institutions, and then expand your view to international markets and their interrelationships. Throughout the course, you'll come to understand the different structures, practices, policies, and evolutions which are shaping financial systems across the world's global economy.

Included in Boston-NYC Finance MBA

Key topics & skills

  • Financial Markets & Institutions

  • Debt Markets & Stock Markets

  • Banking Systems

  • Foreign Exchange & International Trade

  • Financial Crises & International Relations

Business Challenge

Business Challenge #4: Impact Challenge

Put all your newly acquired knowledge and skills directly into practice at the end of each block through a practical and relevant business challenge. Teams will draw on the content and themes of previous courses in each block to complete challenges involving simulations, executive pitch presentations, innovation hackathons, real company challenges, designing new business models, etc.

Included in Boston-NYC Finance MBAGlobal One-Year MBA

Key topics & skills

  • Cross Functional Strategic Decision Making, Planning & Coordination

  • Analyzing Real & Simulated Business Cases

  • Team Leadership & Dynamics

Courses and challenges subject to change

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