Financial Impact

After exploring Fintech and M&A, Module 3 culminates in your final Business Challenge, where you'll apply everything you've learned and see how far you've really come.

Courses in this module

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Portfolio Management

This course aims to provide a solid foundation for creating, managing, and evaluating investment portfolios. It focuses on the practical application of portfolio management and asset allocation processes, management of fixed-income and equity portfolios, performance evaluation, attribution, and reporting at asset management companies.

Key topics & skills

  • Portfolio Management Process & Investment Policy

  • Capital Allocation to Risky Assets

  • Efficient Diversification & Portfolio Management Models

  • Application of Portfolio Models

  • Portfolio Performance Evaluation

Core Course

Influencing Others

Influencing people is key to reaching shared understandings and goals in business. In Influencing Others, you will learn how to use influencing and persuasion tools to enable you to change people’s viewpoints and behaviours, helping you to maximise your impact in a variety of organizational contexts. Crucially, you will learn how to apply your skills to situations where you either do not have or cannot rely on formal positions of authority.

Key topics & skills

  • Persuasive Communication

  • Influence Without Authority

  • Managing Up and Across

Core Course


Fintech is disrupting existing financial systems and offering new products and services to the world. This course will bring you up to speed with some of the major technologies and innovations in fintech.

Key topics & skills

  • Technologies in Fintech—Blockchain & AI

  • Crypto Currencies & Cashless Payments

  • Fintech Investing & Raising Capital via Fintech Solutions

  • Regtech & Contemporary Topics in Fintech

Core Course


This course will introduce you to the field of investments. You’ll cover risk and returns for individual stocks and bonds, how to diversify risks through portfolios, active versus passive investments, fundamental versus technical analysis, and index and exchange traded funds.

Key topics & skills

  • Asset Classes & Financial Instruments

  • Securities Market & Investment Industry, Alternative Investment Approaches, Options & Future Markets

  • Risk, Return & Diversification

  • Bond Pricing, Portfolios & Equity Valuation

  • Capital Asset Pricing & Efficient Market Hypothesis and Macroeconomic & Industry Analysis

Business Challenge

Business Challenge: Impact 

Put all your newly acquired knowledge and skills directly into practice at the end of each block through a practical and relevant business challenge. Teams will draw on the content and themes of previous courses in each block to complete challenges involving simulations, executive pitch presentations, innovation hackathons, real company challenges, designing new business models, etc.

Key Topics & Skills

  • Cross Functional Strategic Decision Making, Planning & Coordination

  • Analyzing Real & Simulated Business Cases

  • Team Leadership & Dynamics

Courses and challenges subject to change

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