Financial Mastery

Delve deeper into data and enhance your global perspective on all things finance—while also improving your ability to work effectively on teams as well as independently.

Courses in this module

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Core Course

Collaboration & Communication #2: Teamwork

This course builds on the skills developed in Communication & Collaboration 1, moving from exploring your personal impact to exploring team impact. You’ll focus on conflict resolution and negotiation and influencing organizational outcomes through team decision making.

Key topics & skills

  • Team Collaboration

  • Team Diversity

  • Team Problem Solving Tools

  • Conflict Resolution

  • Negotiation

  • Bias & Decision Making

Core Course

Corporate Finance

Move from your basic knowledge of financial management to decisions such as debt and equity financing, dividend policy, and use of options and derivatives to reduce risk.

Key topics & skills

  • Capital Structure

  • Shareholder Distributions—Dividends & Stock Repurchases

  • Financial Options—Calls, Puts & Option Valuation Models

  • Tactical Financing

Core Course

Data Extraction & Visualization

Company data provides rich opportunity for analysis and business insights, ranging from financial to non-financial, and structured—such as dollar amounts—to unstructured, such as text from internet sources. Familiarize yourself with the data available, how to access that data, and how to use analytical tools to gain and present data insights.

Key topics & skills

  • Data Infrastructure—Legacy Systems, SQL Databases & Unstructured Data

  • Relational Database Structure

  • Extracting Data with SQL

  • Analyzing Extracted Data with Excel, Tableau & Business Intelligence Software

Core Course

Financial Management

Get yourself up to speed with the basics of financial management, with introductions to key topics such as capital structure, investments, risk-return relationships, cash flow, and company valuation.

Key topics & skills

  • Risk & Return—Statistical Measures & the Capital Asset Pricing Model

  • Company Financing Components—Debt & Equity

  • Alternative Approaches to Stock Valuation—Fundamental Analysis & Technical Analysis

  • Perform a Valuation of a Publicly Traded Company

Core Course

Global Financial Markets

Leave the comforts of your home financial markets and institutions and enter international finance—foreign currency, cross border investments, and additional risk such as sovereignty, currency, and inflation.

Key topics & skills

  • Securities Markets Around the World—NYSE, NASDAQ, Nikkei & the London Stock Market

  • Global Investment Considerations—Securities, Money Market Instruments & Foreign Direct Investments

  • Derivative Markets—Currency Exchange Rates, Inflation & Commodity Prices

  • Market Risks & How to Manage Them

Business Challenge

Business Challenge #2: Turnaround Plan for a Company in Trouble

Apply your analytical, critical, and creative thinking to form a plan for a troubled company. Your team will be faced with a daunting turnaround challenge, requiring you to exercise your business and financial acumen.

Key topics & skills

  • Financial Analysis

  • Financing Alternatives

  • Data Infrastructure & Analysis

  • Turnaround Communications Plan

Courses and challenges subject to change

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