Data Impact

In your final module, you’ll focus on data optimization for business applications and machine learning alongside leadership and influence skills, before applying everything you’ve learned in your final Business Challenge.

Courses in this module

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Core Course

Influencing Others

Influencing people is key to reaching shared understandings and goals in business. In Influencing Others, you will learn how to use influencing and persuasion tools to enable you to change people’s viewpoints and behaviours, helping you to maximise your impact in a variety of organizational contexts. Crucially, you will learn how to apply your skills to situations where you either do not have or cannot rely on formal positions of authority.

Key topics & skills

  • Persuasive Communication

  • Influence Without Authority

  • Managing Up and Across

Core Course

Business Analysis With Unstructured Data

Gain advanced skills in analyzing unstructured data to extract valuable insights and make informed business decisions. Unstructured data—such as text, images, audio, and video—poses unique challenges and opportunities for organizations. Through a combination of concepts, practical tools, and hands-on exercises, you'll learn the principles and techniques of extracting unstructured data and transforming the data to gain business value.

Key topics & skills

  • Understanding Unstructured Data

  • Extracting Unstructured Data: Python and/or R.

  • Methods for Structuring Unstructured Data.

  • Text Analytics & Visualization.

  • Image & Video Analysis

Core Course

Business Modeling & Optimization

In today's age of big data, it's vital to design efficient and scalable algorithms that address wide-ranging optimization problems. Get an introduction to a variety of optimization theories and applications and connect them to research and applications in large-scale optimization and machine learning.

Key topics & skills

  • Introduction to Business Models

  • Linear Programming Models

  • Advanced Network Design

  • Non-Linear Models & Business Applications

  • Simulation

Core Course

Introduction to Machine Learning & AI

As Machine Learning and AI drive transformative advancements across industries, understanding the principles of ML and AI is crucial. Professionals need to harness data-driven insights, automate processes, and create intelligent systems. Using tools available in Python, R, and AI, this course provides a broad introduction to machine learning, data mining, and statistical pattern recognition. You'll gain experience with applying theory to key predictive and descriptive analytics problems in business intelligence.

Key topics & skills

  • Machine Learning & AI Fundamentals

  • Applying Machine Learning Algorithms

  • Design & Analysis of Machine Learning & AI Experiments

  • Business Applications of Machine Learning & AI

  • Social & Ethical Issues of Machine Learning and AI

Business Challenge

Business Challenge: Impact 

Put all your newly acquired knowledge and skills directly into practice at the end of each block through a practical and relevant business challenge. Teams will draw on the content and themes of previous courses in each block to complete challenges involving simulations, executive pitch presentations, innovation hackathons, real company challenges, designing new business models, etc.

Key Topics & Skills

  • Cross Functional Strategic Decision Making, Planning & Coordination

  • Analyzing Real & Simulated Business Cases

  • Team Leadership & Dynamics

Courses and challenges subject to change

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