Data Fundamentals

Dive into the world of data—get the fundamentals covered, from SQL to Python, while you work in parallel to hone your soft skills and critical business knowledge.

Courses in this module

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Core Course

Business Bootcamp

You'll need broad business knowledge to be a well-rounded professional. Then, you can evaluate market opportunities, design operations, and build profitable business models—all in collaboration with peers from across your company and beyond. Get a broad view of functions across a company before applying your learning in an immersive, intense, and challenging multi-stage business simulation.

Key topics & skills

  • Business Functions & Concepts

  • Collaborating in High Performance Teams

  • Strategy Simulation

Core Course

Business Insights from Data

Many business problems can be solved with data. Learn how statistics and data analysis tools can lead to better business decisions and predict industry and market trends—enabling you to stay a step ahead.

Key topics & skills

  • Business Metrics for Data Analysis

  • Quantitative & Qualitative Analyses

  • Data Sampling, Testing & Analysis

  • Research Methods

Core Course

Collaboration & Communication #1

Effective communication and collaboration skills can make or break a successful career. Gain a clear understanding of the most in-demand interpersonal competencies and skills in business today. Then, continually apply these skills in exercises and role plays, and graduate with the soft skills needed to succeed in the global workplace.

Key topics & skills

  • Managing Yourself

  • Communicating with Individuals & Groups

  • Presentation Skills

  • Drivers of Effective Team Collaboration

Core Course

Data Management & SQL

Business decisions need data. In order for you to unearth those decisions, you need to know how to manage data in a relational database system and translate it into purposeful information. In this course, you’ll evaluate relational databases and methodologies as well as developing basic applied proficiency in SQL.

Key topics & skills

  • Database Design & Relational Database Management Systems, Theories & Techniques

  • Structured Query Language (SQL)

  • Ethical Data Reporting & Decision-Making

  • Data Modeling & Interpreting the Business Significance of Data

Core Course

Financial Literacy for Data Analysts

As a business professional, you’ll need to understand and analyze financial reports and business problems as well as create budgets. Gain the financial knowledge that data analysts need to assess the financial performance and health of a company, analyze and predict revenues and costs, and assist in operating budget and new capital investment analysis.

Key topics & skills

  • Financial Reporting—Evaluating Statements

  • Performance & Financial Health

  • Revenue Projections, Cost Estimation & Profit Planning

  • Creating Budgets—Methods & Tools

Core Course

Python for Data Analysts

As an analyst, you're expected to derive meaning from messy data using statistics, programming, and domain knowledge. This course will help you learn the tools and techniques required to derive meaning from large datasets using Python as a foundation and applying statistical methods. You'll also learn programming design principles.

Key topics & skills

  • Python—Analytical Concepts, Projects, Design & Implementation

  • Robust Program Design

  • Pseudo Code, Use Case Design & Development

  • Importing & Cleaning Datasets

  • Data Frame Manipulation

Business Challenge

Business Challenge #1: Moving from Business as Usual to Projecting New Business

How do you move from “Business as Usual” to “New Business”? This key competency for business analysts is the focus of Business Challenge #1, where you’ll clean and analyze datasets in SQL to find past trends. Once you’ve uncovered existing trends, you’ll use Python to provide dependencies in data—and make recommendations based on projections.

Key topics & skills

  • Business As Usual Analysis using SQL

  • ER Models

  • Writing Design Documents & Pseudo Code

  • Using Python for Data Analysis

  • Data Types, Structures & Relationships

Courses and challenges subject to change

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