Data Fundamentals

Dive into the world of data—get the fundamentals covered, from SQL to Python, while you work in parallel to hone your soft skills and critical business knowledge.

Courses in this module

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Core Course

Program Immersion

Begin your program with an immersion experience. This is where you’ll first practice essential business skills to prepare for the program and assess your readiness on commonly used concepts and tools for industry and career preparation. You’ll begin to develop communication and teamwork skills, reflect on your personal journey, and build a strong foundation for your ongoing success.

Key Topics & Skills

  • Business, Finance & Communication Fundamentals

  • Academic & Program-Specific Skills, Tools & Essentials

  • Career, Professional & Personal Development

Core Course

Teamwork & Collaboration

In modern organisations most of the work is done in teams and so the ability to work with others is fundamental in business. The Teamwork & Collaboration course will lay the foundations for effective teamwork by understanding yourself – your behavioural style and mindset. The course will then focus on how to collaborate with others in a variety of contexts. You will develop a broad repertoire of tools to collaborate and negotiate across cultural and generational boundaries in a range of situations.

Key Topics & Skills

  • Personal Development

  • Giving and Receiving Feedback

  • Collaboration

  • Diversity

  • Negotiation

Core Course

Business Analysis With Structured Data

Here is where you’ll analyze complex business scenarios and create a data model. You’ll be introduced to SQL syntax and review the rules for constructing valid SQL statements.

Key topics & skills

  • SDLC & Agile Methodologies

  • Flow of Analysis & Documentation: BRD, HLD (System Design), Pseudo Code

  • Database Design & the Entity-Relationship Model

  • Designing Data Models

  • Creating Reports from SQL Queries and Creating & Implement Store Procedures

Core Course

Business Statistics

This course emphasizes statistics to solve business problems. You’ll explore descriptive statistics, probability and random variables with emphasis on inferential statistics. You’ll also cover hypothesis testing and regression analysis.

Key topics & skills

  • Probability & Inference

  • Sample Variability

  • Statistical Tests

  • Simple Regression

  • Multiple Regression

Core Course

Communication & Collaboration: Personal Impact

Effective communication and collaboration skills can make or break a successful career. Gain a clear understanding of the most in-demand interpersonal competencies and skills in business today. Then, continually apply these skills in exercises and role plays—and graduate with the soft skills needed to succeed in the global workplace.

Key topics & skills

  • Learning & Development

  • Managing Yourself

  • Communicating With Individuals & Groups

  • Presentation Skills—Story Telling, Presentations & Pitching

Core Course

Data Management & SQL

Business decisions need data. In order for you to unearth those decisions, you need to know how to manage data in a relational database system and translate it into purposeful information. In this course, you’ll evaluate relational databases and methodologies as well as developing basic applied proficiency in SQL.

Key topics & skills

  • Relational Database Structure, Tables, Keys & Indexes

  • Structure of a Query & Executing Basic Queries

  • Conditional Search, Organizing & Grouping Queries

  • Using Aggregate Functions

  • Table & Column Alias, Nested Queries

Core Course

Python for Data Analysts

As an analyst, you're expected to interpret meaning from messy data using statistics, programming, and domain knowledge. This course will help you learn the tools and techniques required to derive meaning from large datasets using Python as a foundation and applying statistical methods. You'll also learn programming design principles.

Key topics & skills

  • Fundamental Programming in Python

  • Code Review (Debugging & Feedback)

  • Dictionaries & Lists

  • Functions

  • Nested Loops & Logical Structures

Business Challenge

Business Challenge: Coding 

Put all your newly acquired knowledge and skills directly into practice at the end of each block through a practical and relevant business challenge. Teams will draw on the content and themes of previous courses in each block to complete challenges involving simulations, executive pitch presentations, innovation hackathons, real company challenges, designing new business models, etc.

Key Topics & Skills

  • Cross Functional Strategic Decision Making, Planning & Coordination

  • Analyzing Real & Simulated Business Cases

  • Team Leadership & Dynamics

Courses and challenges subject to change

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