Master’s Degrees for Those Made to Do

You want a master’s degree that will give you a competitive edge in the rapidly changing global economy. Hult’s master’s programs have been designed to develop the skills most in-demand with employers worldwide, so you can add value from your first day on the job.

Do more with your master’s

Go beyond theory and make a real impact with our practical master’s degrees. Gain the human, digital, and business skills you’ll need to thrive in the global workplace—and get ready for a truly transformational experience.

Master's Degree

International Business

Gain a broad, practical understanding of business with on-the-ground international experience

Home campus options: Boston, San Francisco, London, Dubai

On campus


Master's Degree

International Marketing

Gain the creative, strategic, and executional marketing skills to launch an international marketing career

Home campus options: Boston, London

On campus or online

Full-time or Part-time

Master's Degree


Learn to tackle corporate finance in the real world as you build the tactical leadership and financial skills needed to make an impact

Home campus options: Boston, London

On campus


Master's Degree

Business Analytics

Gain the analytical capability and business acumen to translate data into meaningful actions

Home campus options: Boston, San Francisco

On campus or online

Full-time or Part-time

Master's Degree

Social Entrepreneurship

Drive social impact through profitable businesses with a commitment to Profit, People & Planet

Home campus options: San Francisco

On campus


Master's Degree

Entrepreneurship & Innovation

Gain the skills needed for value creation and learn to devise and deliver new products and service

Home campus options: San Francisco

On campus


Live Online Master's

Hult’s live online master's degree programs give you convenience, community, and a career on your own terms.

Dual Degree Program

Double your value in a crowded job market by complementing your one-year master’s or MBA with a second specialist master’s degree in as little as six additional months of accelerated study.

Do challenges

The only way to truly master business? By doing business. Our programs are centered on real-world business challenges that continually stretch your knowledge and skills, until thriving under pressure becomes your default mode. You'll graduate ready to succeed from day one in the job.

Core Program

Practical learning challenges are integrated into your entire program—ensuring you understand the relevant theory while developing the mindsets and skills essential for a career on a global scale.


Check out the full range of courses across all our general business and specialized master’s programs, search by key word or browse the full list to see which program has the courses you’re most interested in.


On completion of your core program, you’ll tailor your degree to your individual interests and goals with electives. Choose from a wide range of elective courses or specialize in a certain discipline with pre-defined specialization modules.

Do global

Expand your mindset as well as your ability to work with anyone, from anywhere. Work with 140+ nationalities across our campuses worldwide and establish yourself as a global professional with Global Campus Rotation.

Do growth

Transform your life and career as we work closely with you to achieve your goals, evolve an authentic style of leadership that’s uniquely you, and keep learning and adapting long past graduation.

Relevant results

We work with every student individually to set a targeted strategy, equip them with the right tools, and guide them on a clear path to achieve their career ambitions. The results speak for themselves.

Authentic leadership

We’ve taken advanced self-awareness practices from leadership development courses and built them into all our degree programs. Become the best leader you can be by taking on leadership roles in real-world challenges.

Lifelong learning

You’ll need to continually refresh your skills throughout your career. Whether your goals change, or your industry does, our lifelong learning options enable you to stay up to date and relevant—always.

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