MBA Leadership Program


Becoming an effective leader requires truly knowing yourself and learning how to bring out the best in others. Hult’s MBA leadership program will help you identify your strengths and weaknesses and to develop critical skills through continual practice, feedback, and coaching.


An award-winning MBA leadership program

Great leadership starts with you

Learn about your most powerful leadership tool: yourself. At Hult, you’ll learn to lead by understanding your weaknesses and building on your strengths. So whatever your level of confidence or experience, you’ll graduate stronger, bolder, and more capable.

Know yourself so you can lead others

We’ve taken advanced practices from leadership development courses and built them into all our degree programs. You’ll examine your personal attributes against key leadership dimensions through diagnostic, psychometric, and self-assessment exercises. Armed with this insight, you’ll work to improve the key skills you’ve identified.

Graduate with a growth mindset

No matter what your starting point on each of these key leadership skills, you can improve through constant practice and feedback. This proven technique means that you’ll not only be more self-aware and able to make better decisions, you’ll also be able to see your behaviors changing and feel your effectiveness in groups and organizations increasing. You’ll see for yourself just how transformative learning by doing is and how much you can improve in areas you once thought were impossible. It’s a mindset that will stay with you for life.

Q&A with Dean Shaheem

Why do you need to understand yourself before you can lead others?

An understanding of who you are and why you react in a certain way to external influences is crucial in a business setting.

What is a “growth mindset” and why is it valuable?

Growth mindset is the belief that our skillsets are not fixed and they can be developed with the right amount of effort, interest, and commitment. When you understand this, you’re more likely to invest time into turning your weaknesses into strengths. With this attitude, challenges become learning tools and failures become stepping stones towards success!

Samineh I. Shaheem

PhD | British

Dean of Hult Graduate Programs, London and Organizational Behavior & Leadership Professor

“My Hult experience has changed me as a person. It’s given me an opportunity to hone my skills and actually spend time focusing on them.

One of the most challenging things has been leading teams of peers. How to juggle often opposing views with getting the task done is something that I have developed a lot here and is something I will take back into the working world.”

**Aaron Salamon
**British & Canadian
Associate Director of Operations, Asia Pacific Region, EF Educational Tours, Class of 2018

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