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Core Course

Authentic Leadership #1: Leadership Journey

Becoming an authentic leader is a lifelong journey, scattered with obstacles. Balancing multiple limitations against aspirations, values, and competencies takes great skill. Staying true to yourself while adapting to the diverse needs of others is an ever-evolving challenge. This course will help you develop the best of what you are, building a foundation for great leadership in the future.

Key topics & skills

  • Growth Mindset

  • How to Become an Authentic Leader

  • Identifying Your Personal Leadership Vision

  • Creating Your Leadership Development Plan

Core Course

Authentic Leadership #2: Managing Relationships

Communicating with transparency is a fundamental skill shared by authentic leaders. Define and develop this skill and learn to communicate effectively with individuals and teams in a variety of contexts—as a manager, team leader, or collaborator. Equip yourself with many tools to collaborate across cultural and generational boundaries in a variety of common situations.

Key topics & skills

  • Management Fundamentals

  • Coaching

  • Cross-cultural Intelligence & Sensitivity

  • Team Collaboration

  • Survival Simulation

Core Course

Authentic Leadership #3: Personal Influence

Authentic leaders are skilled decision-makers. They are also able to mobilize stakeholders to understand and achieve shared purposes once decisions have been made. Authentic Leadership #3 looks at individual and group influences on decision-making, and how to maximize personal impact on organizational outcomes.

Key topics & skills

  • Understanding the Role of Bias in Decision-Making

  • Stakeholder Analysis & Exchange

  • Presentation Skills

  • Maximizing Personal Impact

  • Negotiation Simulation

Core Course

Authentic Leadership #4: Moral Perspective

Values are the driving force behind authentic leadership. Your own background and behavior influence your vision and principles. Explore the relationship between values and leadership, with a special focus on the global business environment. Gain a deeper understanding of your fundamental values, what to do when those values conflict, and how to harness your moral perspective for powerful forms of organizational leadership.

Key topics & skills

  • Personal Values

  • Stories & Conflicts

  • Global Business Norms

  • Organizational Leadership

  • Leading with Purpose

Core Course

Building a Sales Strategy

At the end of the day, if you don't sell your product, your company will be short-lived. The sales process is essential to building a relationship between company and customer, gathering important market research for product development, and operationalizing the promise of the brand. You’ll build the skills needed to map a successful sales strategy and communicate effectively with the post-digital consumer.

Key topics & skills

  • Understanding & Influencing the Post-digital Customer & Key Stakeholders

  • Mapping the Customer Journey

  • Building Strategic Partnerships

  • Operationalizing the Brand Promise Through Your Sales Process

  • Building an Integrated Sales Strategy

Core Course

Business Insights Through Data

Every successful business needs data for it to grow. Data lets you compare and contrast past business performance with new information to visualize industry trends, identify areas of improvement, perform business experiments and execute decisions. Learn how to apply different business metrics and use quantitative and qualitative analyses to provide specific recommendations to your businesses and clients.

Key topics & skills

  • Research Methods for Gathering & Analyzing Data

  • Quantitative and Qualitative Models & Analysis

  • Methods of Data Exploration and Identification of Trends & Creating Forecasts

  • Using Metrics for Data Analysis & Recommendations

Core Course

Data Management

The explosion of data in our ecosystem has prompted businesses to invest and build expertise in data management and integration across platforms. This course introduces you to exciting new concepts, processes, and tools you'll need to know to get a foundational knowledge of data management and integration.

Key topics & skills

  • Data Warehouse Concepts

  • Data Preparation, Management & Integration

  • Market Tools for Data Management

Core Course

Data Visualization & Storytelling

Data tells a powerful story. You’ll need to quickly and decisively extract the key insights hidden in data to inform decision-making. Data visualization techniques and tools enable us to summarize data details and patterns into graphically-expressed representations, leading to actionable conclusions. Presentation is key. Get to know the design concepts involved in visualizing data for decision-makers.

Key topics & skills

  • Telling a Compelling Story with Data

  • Aligning with Your Audience

  • Design Principles & Visualization Techniques for Data Analysis & Decision-Making

  • Catering to Diverse Learning Styles

  • Creating Actionable Inisghts

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