Specialist city seminars

These optional electives give you an on-the-ground opportunity to learn more about a specific industry that has flourished in a particular location. Travel to the city, meet key stakeholders in that industry, and complete a live client challenge.

Sample Seminars

Study on location

Why do particular industries flourish in certain locations? What are the historical, social, cultural, and technological factors that contribute to one industry becoming dominant in one place? These are the questions you’ll explore in our specialist city seminars.

You’ll spend time researching the location and industry before class, and then connect with key stakeholders around the city to learn more. Finally, you’ll complete a client challenge from one of the stakeholders. Alternatively, you’ll be asked to analyze the market’s suitability for another industry or vice versa.

Sample seminars:

  • Biotech in Boston
  • Tech Innovation in Silicon Valley
  • Fashion in Dubai
  • Sustainable Businesses in Mexico City



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