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MBA student testimonials

Our students come from a variety of backgrounds and geographies, and after Hult go onto achieve an equally diverse array of accomplishments. Below are a few snapshots of graduates from our MBA program. 

"Hult is the most unique experience a student can have. It’s a rigorous MBA program, intense study abroad experience, and the biggest mixed nationality social experiment all in one.

The Hult Business Challenge was a great, hands-on experience. I was connected with incredible mentors, and it’s the reason I applied for jobs in start-ups. Before, I was looking for opportunities in large organizations and consulting firms. But I discovered the start-up culture is a much better fit for me.

Prior to Hult, I worked in a full service advertising agency. My career services advisor was instrumental in helping me find my current my job. Now, I’m the Head of Growth at an online peer-to-peer learning marketplace where struggling students can find extensive study materials. I’m much more challenged than I would have been elsewhere.

Hult students are incredible. They’re open minded, willing to help one another, and eager to improve. The professors are not only experts, but really care about Hult students and making sure we’re getting the most out of our experience. I’m really looking forward to being able to continue the relationships I’ve built."  

Through Hult's hands-on approach to teaching business, Katelyn discovered her true career path was with an entrepreneurial start-up instead of a large corporate company. 

Katelyn Tripses

Head of Growth at StudySoup, American, MBA Class of 2016

My family business in Japan was very successful at home, but I wanted to grow it globally. After my MBA, I started a company in Boston selling my family business’ medical supplies around the world. Now we have customers in North America, Asia, and Europe, and I’m looking forward to breaking into Latin America.

Yukiko Teshima

CEO, Teshima International Corporation, Japanese, MBA Class of 2009

Finding the right MBA then became the priority, and Hult felt like the perfect fit. Personal development, becoming a better leader and a global outlook were what I was looking to gain, and Hult fulfilled all my criteria, placing a highly entrepreneurial focus alongside the standard corporate agenda.

Jimmy Bach

Co-founder & CEO at Little Concert, Danish, MBA Class of 2015

I've developed my leadership skills on so many levels as a result of Hult. It's more than a business school, it's a life-changing experience with student-led action projects and one-on-one communication with outstanding professors. We're taught growth-mindset, listening skills, and the ability to rally team members towards a common goal.

Joy Meregini

Business Analyst, State Street, British, MBA Class of 2016

Juan wanted to take his career international. After Hult, he co-founded one of the largest online retail stores in Latin America.
Juan Camilo2
Juan Camilo

Co-Founder, Linio Colombian, MBA Class of 2012

“I visited all of the major MBA schools in the U.S. While they were all amazing, the profile of the students were the same—they all looked alike, and had the same interests in consulting and investment banking. I wanted a school with a more diverse background, and that’s what made Hult stand out for me.

I used to work for the biggest retailer in Colombia, but I wanted to work globally on something more entrepreneurial. I went to Hult to get international exposure, and chose the San Francisco campus for the city’s entrepreneurial spirit.

Shortly after graduating, I found Linio in its early stages. It was doing very well in terms of growth, but was lacking in internal processes and controls to make the business sustainable over time. They were struggling a lot in Colombia as suppliers and vendors were losing trust in the company, but brought me on board to rebuild and restructure the company. I joined as the CFO of Colombia and completely turned around the company in six months.

Shortly after that, investors called me and offered me the position of Managing Director. Linio is now the biggest online retail store in Latin America, and I’m proud to have been part of the co-founding team.”

The simulations really helped me to navigate conflict that inevitably arises when you’re working in teams with diverse people.”

Kenneth Fomunung

Social Media Strategist at Zen Technologies, American, MBA Class of 2015

I was looking for a one-year MBA program that would give me a truly multicultural experience and a new career perspective. Hult really stood out with its Global Rotation program. Coming from the U.S. and working in Europe, I was excited to discover Dubai and Shanghai, and be exposed to another side of the global business world.

Keriann Kozub

Director of Operations, EF Educational Tours, American, MBA Class of 2015

“I’m better at communicating now, and I feel confident that I can relate with people from everywhere. Plus, I’ve developed a wide network of friends who, if I ever need it, can help me in my international career.”

David Ehrenfeld


Business Analysis Manager, Accelya Kale Solutions Ltd. Chilean, MBA Class of 2015

“With my undergraduate degree in languages, I knew an MBA could help me achieve my career goals. Hult caught my attention because of its fast-paced practical curriculum with realworld business experience.

I knew that Hult had a very diverse student body, but the reality was more than I expected. Thanks to the many campus events and student clubs, I now have such an extensive international network of friends, business partners, and potential future colleagues that it’s hard to believe.

Classes provided a technical foundation while always encouraging critical and strategic thinking. In particular, the Hult Business Challenge forced me out of my comfort zone and helped me become more creative and innovative, two traits that are very much valued in my workplace. I’ve become a more well-rounded professional, ready to embrace any challenge that might come my way— it truly expanded my professional possibilities.

If you come to Hult, it won’t be easy, but I promise it will be one of the most rewarding experiences of your life.”

Alejandra came to business school to grow her business knowledge and her network. Now she works for EY, and has contacts who span the globe.

Alejandra Wichmanr_2
Alejandra Wichmann

Transaction Advisory and Financial Services E&Y, Argentinian, MBA Class of 2015

“I’m better at communicating now, and I feel confident that I can relate with people from everywhere. Plus, I’ve developed a wide network of friends who, if I ever need it, can help me in my international career.”

David Ehrenfeld


Business Analysis Manager, Accelya Kale Solutions Ltd. Chilean, MBA Class of 2015

Hult sent me to three campuses, and saw me interact with people from over 100 cultures. Never has my life been so transformed in a year. Hult has given me a golden ticket for a world of opportunities in which I no longer view borders as barriers, but as options.

Xiwen Wang

Operations Analyst,               MBK Homes LTD.              Chinese, MBA Class of 2015

When I heard about global rotation, I realized Hult wasn't just a business school, it's a lifestyle that drives your professional success. Exposure to different cultures really opens your mind. Thanks to Hult I'm able to evolve faster professionally—I feel like a Ferrari in a world of regular cars.

Nicola Allocca

Chief ICS Officer,                 Acciai Speciali Terni Accelya Italian, MBA Class of 2010

Just six months into his MBA program, Umesh secured a six-figure salary job with Amazon. He credits his success to the one-on-one career advisor support he received at Hult.
MBA San Francisco Umesh Tiwari
Umesh Tiwari

Technical Program Manager, Amazon, Indian, Class of 2015

"Sometimes you need to listen to your heart and take a leap of faith. This is exactly what I did when I made my decision to pursue an MBA at Hult. I quit my senior exec job, invested a big chunk of my savings, left my home in India, and flew to Hult San Francisco.

I started my job search before I arrived at Hult through Career Services’ Fast-Track program. But the real magic happened when I started meeting with my designated advisor, Laura Maish, in person. My interactions with Hult’s Career Services have been an intense process of self-discovery, like polishing a stone into a diamond.

I strictly followed all Laura’s advice; so when I met a Hult alumnus who was a guest speaker on campus and now works at Amazon, all my credentials were in line. I connected with him on LinkedIn, I got exposure to Amazon’s recruiter network, and the rest is history.”

I always wanted to work in Boston, and the MBA at Hult allowed me to achieve that goal.
I developed my knowledge of the local market while building my network. After, I worked for a non-profit financial services organization in Boston that specializes in impact investment and micro-finance.

Eduardo Sousa

[Director of Marketing and Innovation, Gomes de Matos Consultores Associados, Brazilian, MBA  Class of 2013

At Hult San Francisco, I was surrounded by innovators and go-getters. The class diversity meant we exchanged ideas about international policies and business practices, and we were not only analyzing case studies—we were collaborating with local businesses to solve real problems.

Jessica Loman

Director of Operations & Impact, Toniic LLC, American, MBA Class of 2013

I stayed in London for my whole MBA program—and yet I can confidently say that I now know someone from every part of the world.

Natalya Spicker

Branch Manager, The Creative Group, Colombian & American, Class of 2013

"Being one of only a few doctors looking to attain an MBA, I was looking for a business school built on innovative thinking rather than old-school rules. For me, it was inspiring to be part of fast-evolving business school with such global reach and huge relevance in today’s business world.

Hult’s MBA program is based on practical application of business and management theory within teams—a great model to prepare you for working in a global business environment in any sector. The network I have developed spans the globe and every major industry and has been key in my post-MBA life. After my MBA, I was hired as one of only two McKinsey Healthcare Fellows in the U.K.”

Hannah wanted relevance, reach and results. With an established career as a senior doctor, she was looking for more than just a qualification from her MBA.
MBA Hannah Aldean
Dr. Hannah Aldean

Specialist in Healthcare Consulting, McKinsey & Company, British, MBA Class of 2013

Hult Boston is in the education capital of the world. I was able to partner with students from MIT and Harvard and secured a job at a top 20 pharmaceutical company.

Saurabh Gupta

Project Manager, Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals, Indian, MBA Class of 2013

I spent the entire year at Hult Dubai. I met students who had worked in the city for years, was mentored by a local entrepreneur, and gained an internship at a leading energy company. After, I worked with Bloomberg BNA in NYC, and was offered an internship at the White House. Hult helped me be a change-agent in the world.

Thandiwe Young

Head of Recruiting, CPA Global, American, MBA Class of 2010

From networking tips, to resume and cover letter writing, to one-on-on career development sessions, and interview prep—the tools and support at Hult were all readily available.

Norbert Ogochukwu, 

Assistant Vice President, State Street, Nigerian, MBA Class of 2014

Tatiana knew exactly what she wanted from her MBA—an in-depth international experience in one year, a global professional network, and a job in New York. And that’s exactly what she got.
Tatiana Ufimtceva
Tatiana Ufimtceva

Business Development Manager Saunders & Associates, Russian, Class of 2014

"In the last ten years of my life, I have traveled to 43 countries, but the first four months at Hult gave me so much more. I lived through one of the most dynamic, rich, and experience-intensive periods of my life with people from all over the world. We helped each other to develop, to become better professionals and better people. The environment encourages everyone to strive for excellence.

Being able to study in three cities in one year opens so many doors for you, doors all around the globe. My rotation enabled me to dip into the business environment of one of the financial capitals of the world, New York, where I now work for one of the top 1% of luxury real estate brokers in the U.S.”

"I was first attracted to Hult because of the hands-on style of the program - Hult works to narrow the gap between an academic and business environment. I was also drawn to the international network the diverse student body provides.

The Hult MBA was a tough experience and required a lot of work, but I haven’t regretted it for one second. Before Hult, I was working in finance in a sales position. While at Hult, I saw a position at Sidral Ski Center in Norway, and it grabbed my attention immediately. I’ve loved snowboarding for years, and was excited about combining my passion for the sport with my business degree. Now as the General Manager, I'm responsible for our budget and implementing the long term strategies developed with the board. I manage about 100 employees, and spend a big part of the day outside on a snowmobile or on my snowboard.

The Hult MBA definitely helped equip me for this job - developing long term strategies, financial modeling, and analysis on real estate projects and infrastructure developments. To current Hult students I’d say, start the job hunt early and don't expect anyone to just hand you a position. Take advantage of the great professors, and study hard."

After Hult, Tarjei combined his new business skills with his long-time love of snowboarding to land his ideal job as the General Manager of a ski resort.
Tarjei Sporastoyl
Tarjei Sporastøyl 

General Manager, Sirdal Ski Center, Norwegian, MBA Class of 2016