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Specialization: Project management

Strong project management can mean the difference between businesses that thrive and those that fail. 

Sample project management electives

Please note that we strive to keep our electives as up-to-date as possible, but the exact courses on offer may vary slightly.

Project Planning and Execution

This course provides an in-depth examination of the processes and tools involved in project definition, planning, execution, monitoring and controlling, and closing. Project management as a discipline is applicable to business projects of all types and requires balancing the demands for time, quality, scope, and cost inherent in any project. This course is designed to provide the project management knowledge necessary for a business executive, manager, consultant, or entrepreneur to successfully initiate, plan, and execute projects. It is structured to provide principles, methodology, and practical information through a combination of lectures, assignments, group collaboration, and hands-on exercises. Topics include project, program, and portfolio management; project selection and project plan development; work breakdown structures, change control, Gantt charts; project and product lifecycle methodologies; communications and stakeholder management; and project management tools.

Project Procurement and Contract Management

This course is an in-depth examination of project procurement management in the wider context of contract and commercial management of projects. Examination of the management of buy-side and sell-side activities in the project lifecycle, as defined by the main PM bodies and leading research in the area, reveals fundamental conflicts which must be resolved if the project is to obtain the inputs it requires on cost and schedule, maintain profitability, avoid claims and penalties, successfully complete projects, and strengthen business relationships. This course has been designed around the knowledge area ‘Project Procurement’ in the Project Management Institute Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) and the ‘Commercial Management’ chapter of the Association for Project Management BoK. Underpinning theories from economics and strategic management are used to expand appreciation of commercial situations and relate action in this space to the outcomes of projects and project assignments.

Project Quality and Risk Management

This course examines the processes and tools involved in project risk, quality, and financial management. Topics include risk identification, ranking, and monitoring; qualitative and quantitative risk analysis; strategies for proactive risk mitigation; quality planning, quality assurance, quality control, and process improvement; the cost of quality; and the benefits of prevention over inspection. We revisit estimating costs and financial management topics as quality and risk management impacts the cost processes dramatically. Within this context we provide in-depth coverage of forecasting revised costs and earned value management.

Note: Courses listed above are samples and subject to change; not all courses are available at every campus location.