Start your Masters in International Business program in London, the banking, tech, and creative center of Europe.

Your Masters in International Business in London

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Hult's London campus

Whether you want a corporate career, to be an entrepreneur, or to get into the creative industries, London has the environment and connections you need to thrive. Study business in a city with ore headquarters of international companies than any other European city, the biggest startup cluster on the continent, and a long-standing reputation as a global trendsetter.

Study in central London

You’ll be in the heart of London at the intersection of Bloomsbury, the city’s academic center, and Holborn, a major media and advertising hub. A short distance away is Europe’s largest startup cluster, TechCity, and London’s world-renowned financial district. Just a five-minute walk from the London Underground, transport links will take you to all parts of the city.

Be part of the business community

Take advantage of London’s high concentration of multinational companies, its famed financial district and stock exchange, its status as a pioneer in the creative industries, and the booming startup scene. Connect with London’s business community through class projects, clubs, or your own ventures, and come to see the city as an extension of your classroom.

London is a highly multicultural place full of opportunities. It’s a fast-paced, open-minded city alive by day and night. Every zone offers different experiences and communities, which makes it a fascinating city to live in.

Sophie Kim Yen Liem

Masters in International Marketing Class of 2017

Why do your Master degree in London?

Choosing to study your Masters in International Business degree in London gives you access to a staggering array of international career options.

Welcome to a world of international opportunity

London is home to people from more than 270 countries and is officially the world’s most international city. A world leader in both the financial services and creative industries, many global companies are headquartered here, providing you with great networking opportunities. Hult London is close to the fastest-growing cluster of tech startups in Europe—Tech City—also home to Google and Microsoft. Whether it's marketing, finance, entrepreneurship, or general business that interests you, it's all at your doorstep.


of venture capital was secured by U.K. tech companies in 2016.


Financial services companies
based in London.


of the world’s business activities happen in time zones that overlap with London’s.


Languages spoken in London.

During my time at Hult London, I explored an amazing city, and started a student club— while working with some of the most talented and knowledgeable people in my industry. Hult offers the most unique graduate study opportunity in the world.

Kathryn Green

Marketing Director, Saks Fifth Avenue 
Australia, Class of 2013

Accelerate your career in London

Your campus is an ideal base to make connections with the hundreds of multinational companies and ambitious entrepreneurs.You’ll have many opportunities to meet them on campus through careers events, club activities, and classroom projects. But the strongest relationships you build will be the ones you make through networking in the city.

Essential skills for the first 100 days

Alums from all over the world end up in London and happily return to campus to mentor new Hultians. For example, alum David Domene came to campus with his employer, Amazon, to discuss logistics and operations and see if there were any highpotential Hult candidates to add to the three students he has already hired.

Inspiring women in business

Looking for inspiration? Attend a campus event. The Women in Business Club welcomed a host of impressive speakers to campus this year, including Dolly Jones, Digital Strategy Director at Conde Nast Digital, and Kathryn Partridge, Vice President of Marketing and Communications at Tata Communications.

PwC Pitch Challenge

Extracurricular challenges can provide an opportunity to impress London’s employers. PwC consultant and Hult MBA alum Marc Seipp came to deliver the PwC Pitch Challenge to selected students for the second year running. They took part in a three-day accelerator and delivered their final pitch to execs at the company’s London office.

I stayed in London for my whole program—and yet I can confidently say that I now know someone from every part of the world.

Natalya Spicker

Division Director, The Creative Group, Robert Half International

Colombia & U.S., Class of 2013

Campus location

Hult International Business School

London Graduate Campus 

37-38 John Street
London WC1N 2AT, UK

+44 20 7636 5667

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