Ashridge Centre for Coaching

Ashridge Centre for Coaching

The Ashridge Centre for Executive Coaching (ACC) is an internationally recognised innovator and provider of standards for the profession of coaching.

The aim of ACC Centre of Excellence has been to build bridges between science and practice, and to promote rigorous, academically sound, and ethical foundations for the executive coaching field. Research from the ACC informs our MSc in Executive Coaching, PG Dip in Organisational Supervision, and our executive coaching practice.

The ACC is also recognised for driving the growing interest in relational coaching as a particularly powerful and effective approach for helping conversations, which is integrative, broadly humanistic and courageous from moment to moment.

Coaching standards

Examples of standards that have been proposed are the Ashridge Code of Conduct for Coaches, the Ashridge Code of Conduct for Supervisors, and the Coaching Behaviours Questionnaire, a popular online psychometric tool. The ACC has also played a key role on the EU’s Leonardo Project to create a European System of Comparability and Validation of Supervisory Competencies.

Coaching Research

Academic research from the ACC typically runs to a minimum of 10 publications every year since 2005, including the largest-scale study of effectiveness in the field (published in the Consulting Psychology Journal in 2016) and two Randomized Controlled Studies in realistic settings. The ACC has also produced a number of practitioner books, including the influential and bestselling books - Coaching with Colleagues (2004), Relational Coaching (2007), Supervision in Action (2011), Behind Closed Doors (2016), and many others.

Our research focus is on consulting and coaching, as it takes place in real settings with real clients. It encompasses outcome research studies (i.e. quantitive research into the effectiveness of generalized interventions), as well as qualitative and narrative research.

Latest News from the ACC

-New book Critical Moments in Executive Coaching (written by Erik de Haan, published by Routledge), appeared in May 2019, and the book Tenable Outcomes of Coaching will come out with Routledge later this year.

  • New intake on the Team Coaching for Consultants open programme: 2nd November 2020 which can be found here:

Team Coaching For Consultants

-Alumni Events 2020: 19 November (with Laure Fraval)


We now have a YouTube channel housing introductions to our qualifications, insights into latest coaching theory, webinar recordings and interviews.

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