Identifying Your Apprenticeship Talent

Spotting talent and finding your hidden gems

At Hult Ashridge we are firm believers that using robust talent assessment approaches is the best way to identify your apprenticeship talent.

As talent managers we tend towards focussing on the high performers. The ones who are well-connected, take part in all the group activities and tend to do well in their annual performance review.

However, in every company there are diamonds in the rough. Those who may not always be noticed and often over-looked. These individuals could have untapped potential and as a result may also be perfect candidates for development.

In this webinar, Alex Davda, Head of Assessments at Hult International Business School, and Cheryl Nelson, Head of Apprenticeships shared their insight and guidance into identifying your apprenticeship talent and spotting your hidden gems.

2 women at table, talking to 1 woman in blazer

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