How do we live with the consequences of social distancing and remote lives?

An Interview with Guy Lubitsh on his latest book - Connect

Connect is a collaborative project between two siblings, both doctors of psychology, with two different perspectives (counseling and organisational psychology), two different cultures (United Kingdom and Alaska, USA), two different lifestyles, coming together with one shared desire - to translate 50 years of combined workplace experience (Guy) and clinical therapeutic experiences (Tami) into a practical model which helps people to connect at a deep level and address the human longing for connection and belonging.

In this eye-opening session, renowned publisher and researcher John Higgins interviewed Guy on the book, and his thoughts on how we can live and work in our new socially distant and remote lives.

Front Cover of Guy Lubitsh book - Connect

Meet the Speakers

Guy Lubitsh

Guy Lubitsh

is an organisational psychologist and Professor of practice at Ashridge Executive Education/Hult International Business School, where he teaches and consults on leadership and organisational change. His work spans sectors and industries including; Novo Nordisk, BskyB, World Health Organisation, Diabetes UK and British National Health Service.  This often involves coaching and assisting senior executives on how to improve organisational performance through increasing their ability to improve personal impact and connecting with others on individual, team and organisational levels.  Guy trained in organisational consulting at the Tavistock Centre in London and is a visiting Professor at the Interdisciplinary Centre in Herzlia.

He lives in North West London and continuously adapts his personal communication style, to connect with his two teenagers and wife. In his spare time, he enjoys yoga and always seeks opportunities, to sail in the Mediterranean Sea 

Guy Lubitsh

John Higgins

John Higgins is a widely published researcher and author, specialising in how people speak truth to power in the workplace - and how organisations respond to activist voices. As well as working with Guy for many years (and providing some useful and sometimes less useful advice on the shape of his latest book) he has a long-term research partnership with Professor Megan Reitz.