Coaching With Natural Systems

Evolving Your Practice

When writing about the “contract” in coaching, Charlotte Sills asks us to reflect first on “What is our contract with the world, society and the planet?” (Sills, 2012). She writes that this first level of contract is “not negotiated by or with the organisation. It is a personal contract or commitment that an individual holds with the wider world”.

In this hour-long webinar we would like to consider the wider context for our work as coaches and in particular our relationship with nature and the earth.

As humans, we are part of a natural system: The Earth. Yet our thinking and actions often take us out of harmony with life. The convergence of Covid-19, our ecological crisis and the failing economy is creating urgency within business and society to shift to a more sustainable model. As coaches what contract or commitment to nature do we want to make? What role can we play in helping business and community leaders, our clients, make sense of and act into these challenges and to positively engage with them? How does that relate to our desire to have the client decide the direction and focus of the coaching work?

Our aim is to offer you a reflective space to explore your coaching practice in the context of the current challenges facing humanity and to co-inquire into the question of how our coaching can help people, society and nature to flourish.

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Meet the Speakers

Ann Knights

Ann Knights

Ann is an Adjunct at Ashridge. Her particular focus is on working with clients to achieve high levels of personal and organisational performance. This has included the design and delivery of leadership and management development programmes, group facilitation, executive coaching and the design of processes and activities to catalyse and support improved performance.

Typically Ann has worked with organisations undergoing significant change to their businesses - changes in workforce, organisation structure, culture, ownership or market position - working with leaders and influencers to develop their capacity to lead and support change. She has worked with a range of clients across the private and public sectors, including Rexam, Global Marine, Cable and Wireless, BHP Billiton, ACAS, the FSA, London Underground, the Department for Work and Pensions and DEFRA.

Ann joined Ashridge from Deloitte where she was a lead member of the Leadership and Management Development practice.

Alexandra Stubbings

Alex Stubbings BA(Hons), Msc, DProf

Alexandra is an OD consultant and coach specialising in systems leadership for low carbon transformation and positive impact.

She is MD of Talik & Co, a purpose-led OD consultancy, and worked for Ashridge for nine years, consulting and teaching. She teaches at Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership and Canada’s Academy for Sustainable Innovation.

A member of ADOC2, she graduated in 2013. Through her doctoral research she developed a systemic change model that has been at the core of her practice for the last seven years.

Clients include: UK Government, NHS, Food Standards Agency, McAlpine, Emirates Foundation, Sierra Leone Govt, Barclays, Microsoft, Renewable Energy Systems, UK Green Building Council, Kings College London.