Coaching in the Liminal Zone

The first 180 days in a role is a revealing space for executives, coaches and HR professionals.

It takes on average 6,2 months or over 180 days for executives to ‘break even’ in a new role or a new organization. The first 180 days is a time of uncertainty and re-invention; the conclusion of a chapter and the beginning of something new. It is a liminal space that executives often struggle to make sense of. It is a critical period which can make or break a career.

Join Laure Fraval - Executive Coach, Supervisor and Consultant for Change as she shares insights from a study of 22 senior executives and thoughts on re-claiming the first 180 days.

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Date: Thursday 19th November 2020

New Time: 18:00-19:30

Venue: Webinar

Ticket Price: Free to attend

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18:00-19:30 | Coaching in the Liminal Space | Laure Fravel

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Meet our faculty

Laure Fraval

Laure Fraval

Laure is an Executive Coach, a Supervisor and a Consultant for Change. She works with international companies predominantly in the Financial, Technology and Pharmaceutical sectors. She is based in London and Paris. She is an advisor to senior executives, board members and chairs, religious leaders and start-up entrepreneurs.

Prior to setting up Laure Fraval Consulting at the beginning of 2017, Laure held a variety of roles in Human Resources, Reward, Learning and Development, and Inclusion working for global banks. Her work focuses on Culture, Change and Employee Engagement. She is particularly interested in re-claiming the workplace as a human and people-centric space.