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From Organisational To Systems Change: Organisation Development for Positive Impact

As the triple crisis in the environment, economy and public health accelerates, the need to reform organisations and rebalance institutions becomes ever more urgent.

Many new and exciting business models are trying to do just that. Circular economy and regenerative concepts, novel financial instruments and social enterprises are transforming the way organisations do business and measure success, how they interact with customers, supply chains and each other.

But has the way in which organisational change is led and managed kept up with this proliferation of innovation? Is the wider panoply of stakeholders taken into consideration?

In this session we explored approaches to design and development that take a more integrated and systemic perspective on change for positive impact, that move us from a focus on individual organisations to addressing organisational systems.

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Meet our faculty

Alexandra Stubbings

Alex Stubbings BA(Hons), Msc, DProf

Alexandra is an OD consultant and coach specialising in systems leadership for low carbon transformation and positive impact.

She is MD of Talik & Co, a purpose-led OD consultancy, and worked for Ashridge for nine years, consulting and teaching. She teaches at Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership and Canada’s Academy for Sustainable Innovation.

A member of ADOC2, she graduated in 2013. Through her doctoral research she developed a systemic change model that has been at the core of her practice for the last seven years.

Clients include: UK Government, NHS, Food Standards Agency, McAlpine, Emirates Foundation, Sierra Leone Govt, Barclays, Microsoft, Renewable Energy Systems, UK Green Building Council, Kings College London.