Level 7 Occupational Standard Update

Earlier this year, Gavin Williamson, the Education Secretary kick-started a review into the delivery of MBA/MSc as part of the apprenticeship scheme. The Institute for Apprenticeships has put a revised occupational standard out to consultation. This consultation has now been completed, and a new occupational standard has been approved.

Level 7 Occupational Standard Update

As an accredited provider of the Executive MBA and MSc under the current apprenticeship levy, we are following the review and consultation process closely, and ensuring we can continue to provide the best service to our apprenticeship clients.

New blog post by the Institute for Apprenticeships

Update on timings:

The timescales the Institute are working to are set out in their latest blog.

At present they are aiming to have the full occupational standard and associated EPA signed off and approved by the end of the year - but are looking at the likely need for transition periods - so potentially a full switch over by March/April 2021.

Programmes affected by the updated standard will be:

Apprenticeship image

Timings - Updated August 2020

Consultation End Date

29 April

Finalise occupational standard

6-19 May

Outcome of occupational standard approval process

6-10 July

Outcome of EPA plan approval process

2-6 October

Apprenticeship standard approved for delivery



Which Apprenticeship programmes will be affected by a new occupational standard?

  • Executive MBA
  • Executive Masters in Leadership and Management

Will funding be withdrawn for current participants?
No. Any participants taking a Level 7 Apprenticeship at Ashridge will be able to continue their studies as normal.

When will the MBA/MSc be removed from the apprenticeship standard?
The new standard is due November December 2020 - the funding band will be reviewed based on the new standard if the consultation upholds the change.

If the MBA/MSc are removed from the standard, what will Hult Ashridge offer?
We will offer the new standard as soon as is practical. It is our intention to offer the MBA/MSc more details of which will follow once we know the outcome of the consultation.

When is the next intake for MBA and MSc programmes?

We are currently accepting participants onto the September 2020 and January 2021 cohorts.

Is there time to submit applicants before the new standard is implemented?

Yes! We are supporting organisations with submitting applicants to the upcoming September cohort. If you would like to submit applicants under the current standard we recommend doing this as soon as possible.

Apprenticeship Levy

Regardless of any change to the Level 7 occupational standard, the Apprenticeship levy remains in place. You will still need to contribute a proportion of your salary bill to the levy. The difference will be that only the Level 6 will include an integrated degree award funded by the levy.

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