Level 7 Occupational Standard Update

The UK Government are making changes to the Level 7 Senior Leaders Occupational Standard. We are updating our Level 7 programmes not only to ensure that they remain compliant with the updated apprenticeship guidance, but also to allow apprentices the opportunity to Level Up to a Masters Degree or MBA.

Level 7 Occupational Standard Update

What are the changes?

Whilst the content of the apprenticeship standard remains largely the same we are required to remove the embedded Masters level qualifications.

As a result of this ministerial approval the funding band for the Level 7 Senior Leader Apprenticeship has been capped at £14,000.

Update on Timings

The revised standard will be implemented from 29th March 2021.

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Which Apprenticeship programmes will be affected by the revised occupational standard?

  • Executive MBA
  • Executive Masters in Leadership and Management

Will funding be withdrawn for current participants on the original apprenticeship?
No. Any participants that are currently on the MBA or Executive Masters in Leadership and Management will be able to continue and complete their apprenticeship and end point assessment, along with their award at either Masters levels.

When will the MBA/Executive Masters in Leadership & Management be removed from the apprenticeship standard?
Implementation for the revised standard will come into force on the 29th March 2021. 

What are the changes to Level 7 Senior Leader Standard?
Following an internal review of the revised standard and employer focus groups, we will deliver a  3 pathway approach for the revised level 7 Senior Leader standard:

  1. Complete the apprenticeship – 24 months – Fully funded £14,000 to include the completion of the end point assessment with no academic credits - attractive to apprentices not wanting an academic qualification.
  2. Complete the apprenticeship and achieve Post Graduate Diploma in Executive Master in Leadership & Management to run concurrently including all academic assessments require to achieve a Post Graduate Diploma – Fully Funded £14,000 to include the completion of the end point assessment.

2a. Level up to continue to full masters final stage qualfication.

  1. Choose the MBA learning pathway to complete the apprenticeship and end point assessment, whilst concurrently levelling up to and completing the MBA qualification.

Additional fees may be payable dependant upon the level up options – complete the Register for Updates form for further information.

**What qualification is awarded with the new Level 7 Senior Leader Standard?**Participants who complete the programme and succeed in the End Point Assessment will receive a Pass, Merit or Distinction from ILM or CMI.

**What will I receive for completing  Level 7 Senior Leader Apprenticeship?**Participants who complete the apprenticeship and succeed in the End Point Assessment will receive a Pass, Merit or Distinction from ILM or CMI, as employers you can chose the End Point Assessing Organisation if you prefer.

**Have the entry requirements for the Level 7 Senior Leader standard changed?
**The current admissions requirements will remain the same for the Senior Leader apprenticeships.  To ensure that apprentices are able to contextualise and embed their learning in their organisations we will require them to have prior experience working at a senior managerial level.  Full details available through the enquiry stage.

**How will participants be able to ‘Level up’ to achieve a Masters qualification alongside their End Point Assessment?**We will offer pathways to complete an Executive Masters in Leadership & Management or MBA alongside the Level 7 Apprenticeship standard, for further information please complete the enquiry form.

Apprenticeship Levy

Regardless of any change to the Level 7 occupational standard, the Apprenticeship levy remains in place. You will still need to contribute a proportion of your salary bill to the levy. The difference will be that only the Level 6 will include an integrated degree award funded by the levy.

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