Apprenticeships - 20% off the job

20% off the job is a requirement for all apprentices irrespective of level. This has for some time been seen as a barrier for some employers concerned how they will manage this additional time.

Apprenticeships - 20% off the job

At Hult Ashridge we strongly believe that embedding learning and applying the theories is key to the development of employees undertaken an apprenticeship. The time apprentices spend working with key stakeholders within an organisation is valuable not only as a learning and development opportunity for the individual it however also explores different theories based on the latest research to open up discussion and review strategic vision at all levels.


Employers are understandably concerned about their senior leaders taking 20% time away from their role to undertake an apprenticeship.

There are several ways that this can be completed that provide benefit not only to the apprentice, but to the business too.

The list below highlights just some of the ways that the off-the-job aspect of apprenticeships can be completed:

1.Participating in Face to Face sessions –throughout the apprenticeship

2.Participating in online forums

3.Individual study time – whether it’s to complete coursework or review modules.

4.Being mentored e.g. by a more senior colleague.

5.Delivering a mentoring session – something many of our apprentices carry out

6.Completing workplace reflection diaries. We find these are a great way to embed learning!

7.Work shadowing with a colleague/mentor – then writing a reflection and lessons learnt report.

8.Group Learning Conferences – these can be a great way for your apprentice to learn new skills and ways of working from their peers.

9.Research tasks e.g. to gain new knowledge of your industry.

10.Internal learning and development programmes related to their apprenticeship.

11.Completion of e-learning

12.Completing project work for their apprenticeship.

13.Preparation for assessments.

14.Role-plays or simulations of workplace situations. We find these really help to embed new knowledge and skills!

15.Visits to other departments to see how these work.

16.Workplace 1-2-1 performance reviews, conducted by their line manager.

17.Attending webinars on hot topics in your industry.

What our Clients Say

Employers we currently work with see this 20% off the job as a relatable mechanism for the apprentice, their line manager and key stakeholders. Everything we teach on an apprenticeship at Hult Ashridge we do so with the unwavering knowledge that we are supporting the wider business community with critical thinking and thought leadership.

In a recent Q&A session we put the question to two of our clients. Here are Karen Briggs at St James’s Place Wealth Management and Hayley Miller at Crown Prosecution Service with their thoughts.