We are a school run by business people, for business people. That means listening to employers, responding to students, and ensuring we are continually evolving to meet the expectations of both. 

Recommended by global business leaders

The growing number of global business leaders recommending our school is testament to our growing reputation.

I’ve always been impressed by the caliber of students at Hult. These are people that can both walk the walk and have a deep understanding of some of the theoretical underpinnings and the latest developments that are driving business right now.

Daryl Pereira

Social Business Manager,

Hult is a trusted corporate education partner. Graduates bring with them a wealth of cutting-edge business knowledge, and more importantly, practical business know-how. Their graduates are job-ready from day one. We look forward to connecting with Hult students in the near future.

Ania Jakubowski

General Manager,
Coca-Cola Poland/Baltics,

I was most impressed by not only the attention and the focus of the students, but also the kind of questions they were asking, which are pertinent to them pursuing a career in the corporate world.

Robert Hamwee

Global Learning & Development Lead, Accenture

Hult is a great fit for us. The Hult students we are seeing right now have a very multicultural, very international profile, which is exactly who we are looking for at L'Oréal.

Paul Connors

Sales Vice President,
Clarisonic, L'Oréal

Hult’s faculty is devoted to the success and employability of their students. It has been a pleasure working with a team that is so dedicated to making the educational experience both enriching and practical. Our Ambassador Program has been greatly enriched as a result of the Hult students' involvement.

Melissa Mitchell

Business Development Manager, Bloomberg Institute

The international and professional diversity of Hult’s student body makes it an excellent source of global business talent. We are already looking for matches based on our multinational clients’ needs, and look forward to working more closely with Hult students going forward.

Anthony Vardy

Senior Consultant,
Korn Ferry International

Recommended by our students

At Hult, we help each other develop, to become better professionals and better people. It's just amazing to see this transformation in people: someone who was calm and shy became a great speaker; another classmate who preferred to be alone became a great team player.

Tatiana Ufimtceva

Russia, Class of 2014

The combination of classroom theory with hands-on practice was truly appealing to me. I believe my Executive MBA will help my transition from director roles to COO/CEO roles, especially as I am looking to move from the Middle East/North Africa region back to Europe.

Magnus Simon

Sweden, Class of 2015

Hult has given me the background, experience, path, and approach to help find an opportunity at my dream company, for which I'll be forever thankful.

Viviane Boavista Menna Barreto

Brazil, Class of 2015

There is something special at Hult. When I arrived on campus, I had a feeling that this was the best decision of my life. Hult has transformed me into a networking, problem solving machine. At Hult, you’ll make good friends, experience different cultures, become truly international, and be exposed to different points of view in every class.

Gonzalo Dominguez

Argentina, Class of 2015

Only Hult offered a real multicultural education on how to be successful in a globalized labor market. Hult definitely helped me to make the progression from specialist to manager, climbing the learning curve of managing diversity, improving communication, and developing teamwork.

Javier A. Cuellar

Colombia, Class of 2013

Thanks to Hult, I have connections spanning the length of the globe, from Asia-Pacific, to the U.S., and South Africa. I have connected with different people from different industries and different countries.

Mohamed Radwan

Egypt, Class of 2013

I feel that I have become more commercially and intellectually aware of international affairs and how they affect us and the work we do.

Haren J. Pagarani

Canada, Class of 2013

The best thing about Hult for me is the international experience and the credentials it will give me to work globally. As long as I am clear about what I want to do, my professors and classmates at Hult will help me get there.

Niketa Malhotra

India, Class of 2013

My experience at Hult was amazing. The [Career Development team] helped me make my CV look really impressive and supported me throughout the whole application and interview process, helping me make the transition from Analyst to Associate.

Jan Straube

MIB, Germany
Class of 2013

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Our brochure provides a thorough overview of Hult and our programs.

Our students review our performance

We measure the performance of our faculty, and the success of the courses we offer based on student evaluations.

We know we can only say our faculty are among the best if our students agree. That’s why we ask all our students to review and score each professor out of five, on a range of criteria, including: the course itself, the professor's command of the subject matter, the feedback they provide on assignments, and their availability outside of class.
For the last academic year, students reviewed our courses with an average rating of 4.23 out of 5 (with 5 being the highest mark). These evaluations confirm the strength of our faculty’s teaching skills, and relevance of our course content.

Student evaluation of teaching quality per program for academic year 2014-2015 (values out of 5)

Student evaluation of teaching quality per program for academic year 2014-2015 (values out of 5)

Learn more about Hult

Our brochure provides a thorough overview of Hult and our programs.