Working in the Moment: With the Coachee, Here and Now

Explore ways of working in the present moment and experiment with new ways of relating. How do you bring the focus of clients to their present-moment patterns? How do you make use of your own ongoing experience to read current patterning and intervene creatively?

Tuesday, September 10, 2024

1:30-5pm BST (London)

Zoom Webinar

£150 + VAT

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The 'unfolding now'

All human experience happens in the present moment. The past may be remembered, or the future imagined, but this is always happening in the present. Whatever is happening in one present moment will shape and flow into the next present moment and so on. As such, the coach’s interventions can be seen as contributing to an ‘unfolding now’. By focusing on how the coach and coachee are experiencing themselves and their interactions moment by moment, the coach enables the coachee to become increasingly aware of familiar and repeating patterns of thinking, relating and behaviour. Becoming more aware of one’s current patterns can make an important contribution to shifting our mindsets and achieving our goals. Patterns can be explored in terms of their relevance to leadership style or the wider coaching goals.

Course overview and details

This workshop is part of a trilogy that tracks the flow of time during coaching. It follows on from a CPD workshop by Marc Gaudart and Erik de Haan in 2022 called First Moments in Coaching and will be followed by a workshop Endings in Coaching, hosted by Rachel Hanley-Browne.

In this webinar we’ll focus on:

  • The importance and value of working in the present moment
  • The basic orientations and qualities required in the coach for working in and with the present moment
  • A brief introduction to the coach’s use of self


Course fees: £150 + VAT

Discount available for bulk booking.

Meet the speakers

Dr. Erik de Haan

Erik de Haan is the Director of Ashridge's Center for Coaching with over twenty-five years of experience in organisational and personal development.

He aims to support individuals in their search for what is right and just—for themselves and for others in their organizations. His expertise covers process consulting for organisational change, facilitating management teams, working conferences, executive and team coaching.

Erik has an MSc in Theoretical Physics and gained his PhD with his research into learning and decision-making processes in perception. He is a British Psychoanalytic Council registered psychodynamic psychotherapist with an MA in psychotherapy from the Tavistock Clinic; has (co-)authored more than 180 articles and 12 books; and sits on the editorial board of three journals including the Consulting Psychology Journal.

Erik has worked with universities, hospitals and multinational companies. He is currently Professor of Organization Development at the VU University Amsterdam. Erik is an Ashridge-accredited coach and supervisor and is qualified to deliver a range of psychometric instruments. He is fluent in Dutch, English, Italian, German and Spanish.

Meet the speakers

Simon Cavicchia

Simon Cavicchia, MA, MSc is an internationally experienced OD Consultant, Executive Coach, Coach Supervisor, Team Coach, Process Consultant, Facilitator and Lecturer. 

Simon draws on his experience in consulting, deep human systems understanding and psychology to enable individuals and organisations to successfully navigate the complexities of transformational change processes, develop leadership cultures and individual leaders. 

Simon is a member of faculty on the Ashridge Master’s in Executive Coaching and for eight years he led the Master’s Programme in Coaching Psychology at the Metanoia Institute in London.  He was also a faculty member on the Master’s in Organisational Development, also at the Metanoia Institute. He works in the NHS, University Sector, Oil and Gas, Media, Retail, Financial Services and a number of Charities and Public Sector organisations such as the Probation Service. 

As a specialist in human systems dynamics, individual and organisation psychology, Simon works to enable individuals, groups and organisations to understand and adopt the processes that facilitate effective functioning and goal attainment. He is particularly interested in exploring relational perspectives on organisational life and consulting and is committed to continually researching how these perspectives can be used to inform behaviour and learning in organisations. Relational approaches place the quality of interactions between organisation members, leaders and their teams at the centre of how meaning is made and desirable behaviour generated.  This is particularly relevant in today’s organisations where different individuals and teams with different levels of authority, designation and agendas have to work out how to join together in service of the organisation’s success.  He is experienced in coaching senior leaders transitioning into new and demanding roles in order to support them to navigate the networking, relationship and systemic complexities this often entails. He is deeply committed to creating respectful, supportive and challenging learning environments, where clients can increase their awareness, confidence and skills for intervening in new and effective ways.    


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