This month our campus staff welcomed 2,000 new students to our Boston, London, San Francisco, and Dubai campuses. This is an exciting time—over 90% of Hult students are international and have just arrived in a brand new city to call home for the duration of their epic year ahead.

It can also be a daunting time: new city, new home, new school—not just a fast-track education into global business, but also into the culture of a new place, and of new classmates, who come from over 150 different nationalities in total!

“Pack your bags, get ready, say goodbye to the old you—because once you get here you are going to change so much, and for the better!”

– Jorge Bazoberry, Bolivian,

MIB & MIM Dual Degree Class of 2018

Hult’s global campus staff are on hand to ensure a smooth transition for every student. The Student Services teams work tirelessly throughout Welcome Week and beyond, arranging networking mixers and fun activities both around campus and the city, to help familiarize students with their new peers and new surroundings. Throughout the year, Student Services continue to bring speakers on to campus, arrange networking and fun activities, days and nights out, as well as providing support for campus clubs & societies and logistical and emotional support for students. So it’s not surprising that they quickly become our resident city experts.


Here are some of Student Services’ top tips for students to maximize life in their new cities:


Claire Underwood has been Head of Student Services on our London graduate campus for over four years:

What is your number 1 tip for exploring London?

Put on some comfy shoes and walk from the Houses of Parliament, over Westminster Bridge and along the Southbank by the river.  Divert over the Millennium Bridge to St Paul’s Cathedral and wend your way to the Tower of London and Tower Bridge. A perfect way to spend a Sunday taking in the sights!


Salim Ismail delivers a captivating talk about disruptive futures on Hult London’s graduate campus in Holborn, during the 2017 Global Speaker Series.


What would you say is unique to London?

We have so many amazing markets to visit and browse.  Borough Market for food, Portobello Market for vintage clothing, Columbia Road flower Market; or Camden Market for eclectic art, clothing, antiques, music, and hand-crafted goods.

What are the best events you have been to in the city?

I have to say the best events really are the ones we organize! From networking mixers to the Winter Ball, Boat Parties down the Thames, and of course our infamous Graduation Parties!

“I have to say the best events really are the ones we organize! From networking mixers to the Winter Ball, Boat Parties down the Thames, and of course our infamous Graduation Parties!”

– Claire Underwood, Head of Student Services, London campus

What is your top tip for using public transport in London?

The public transport in London is amazing—but avoid the tube at rush hour! Quite often the distance between tube stations is very short—it is quicker to walk if you are only going one or two stops.  You also see much more of the city when you walk or get the bus.


Where is a good place to go in Central London for inspiration?

The Saatchi Gallery, the Tate Modern, the National Gallery—all of which are free!

Hult’s hyper-modern undergraduate campus in buzzing East London.


Who better to introduce us to Boston than Izzy Pulido, our newest member of the Student Services team and passionate travel blogger:


How would you describe the function of Student Services?

The Student Services Department is the catch-all for all student life enrichment. From immunization to housing support, insurance to events, Student Services manages all these logistics to help students adjust to life in their new city.

“The Student Services Department is the catch-all for all student life enrichment. From immunization to housing support, insurance to events, Student Services manages all these logistics to help students adjust to life in their new city.”

– Izzy Pulido, Student Services Coordinator, Boston campus

What is your favorite music or sports venue in Boston?

Fenway Park! It’s an institution of the Boston landscape and the oldest Major League Baseball stadium in the United States. My favorite feature is the Bleacher Bar: a bar built into lower floors of the stadium space. The wall facing the field has been outfitted with a bay window so you can watch the game while enjoying a drink.


What’s the best thing about your commute to campus?

Arriving! Hult Boston campus offers unparalleled views of the city, with the iconic Prudential Center and the Zakim Bridge in our line of vision. The campus is accessible by the green, red, and orange lines, which makes it easily accessible for commuters. But if you prefer walking, the campus is located right on the banks of the Charles River in East Cambridge, which makes for a peaceful, inspiring commute to school.

Hult’s beautiful Boston campus, situated right on the banks of the Charles River.

Where do you go in the city when you want to relax?

Angora Cafe in Harvard Square is the perfect place to “zen out” with a cup of Moroccan mint tea in hand. For a more outdoor approach to relaxing, I take a stroll around the Boston Public Gardens and make sure I cross the bridge over the Swan Boat Lake and take a pause.



We asked Birgitte Ulvin on the Dubai campus about her experiences within the Student Services team there:

What’s the most popular event that you organize for Hult Dubai students?

Probably the 4-by-4 desert safari. Students are always exhilarated and bonded after this adrenaline-fueled experience!


“Students always love the 4×4 desert safari teambuilding experience!”

– Birgitte Ulvin, Student Services Coordinator,  Dubai campus


What does Dubai offer for sports enthusiasts?

Adrenaline junkies can get their fix anywhere in Dubai, from water parks to bungee jumping. For the more sedate sports fan, why not play a round of golf at one of the most stunning golf courses in the world, or head to Kickers Bar in Dubai Sports City, where they screen almost every single sport you can imagine!


Where do students go when they want to relax?

The beach!

Breakout rooms on Hult’s central Dubai campus, located alongside the likes of Google, Microsoft, Mastercard, and Facebook.

San Francisco

Sheena Caines has been with Hult in San Francisco since 2013, where she heads up the Student Services Team. We put Sheena and Student Services Manager Jessica Lum in the hot-seat for their top tips on maximizing student life in SF:


What is your “must-do” activity in SF?

Sheena: One of my favorite things to do here is ride my bike through the city, head north across the Golden Gate Bridge and into Sausalito. Riding across the bridge is so exhilarating, and the views from there and Marin County are breath-taking on a clear day.  Once you get into Sausalito, head down to the water, enjoy a delicious brunch overlooking San Francisco (Lappert’s ice cream is amazing, and Bar Bocce does the best pizza and you can play bocce with your friends while you wait.) Then take the ferry back—or if you’re feeling up for another 5+ miles, ride back! Most bike rentals also include a ticket back to San Francisco on the ferry, so you are treated to a gorgeous view of the Bay, the bridge, the SF skyline, and Angel Island.

“Riding across the Golden Gate Bridge is so exhilarating, and the views from there and Marin County are breath-taking on a clear day.”

– Sheena Caines, Head of Student Services, SF campus

Jessica: You must go to the Ferry Building on Saturday for their farmer’s market and treat yourself to a “secret breakfast” at Humphrey Slocombe. You’ll enjoy beautiful views of the Bay, surrounded by vendors selling all kinds of produce, languages flying everywhere from tourists and locals alike, and the sound of the ferry schedule changing every half hour. At its core this is what SF is: a historic point of immigration into the US—for those seeking a permanent home or something more temporary. People continue to arrive in San Francisco looking for opportunities, engaging, and hopefully having an enriching experience, and this in turn enriches the experience for everyone around them.

Hult San Francisco is situated right in the center of this compact city, just minutes from Fisherman’s Wharf.

What are the best events on offer in the city?

Sheena: Dreamforce for networking, Hardly Strictly for outdoor live music, free outdoor summer concerts at Stern Grove, or The Fillmore and Slim’s for indoor live music. And we always encourage students to catch a San Francisco Giants baseball game while they’re here. The Giants may not always win, but the stadium (AT&T Park) is gorgeous!



Paolo Gomez took a break from Dubai campus to look after rotating students in Shanghai this summer.

What extra support do rotating students need in Shanghai?

Many locals speak only Chinese. Student Services are on hand to help the students understand local customs and communication. Also, Shanghai is a huge city—we work hard to familiarize students with the city in order to maximize their Asian experience.



“Here in Shanghai, Student Services are on hand to help students understand local customs and communication. We also work hard to familiarize them with this huge city and maximize their Asian experience.”

– Paolo Gomez, Student Services Coordinator

Is there one spot that you feel captures the spirit of the city perfectly?

Shanghai is a unique blend of European and Asian influences and you need to visit a number of different places before you can start to grasp this amazing city. A walk along the Bund offers views of the magnificent modern skyline of Pudong, including the three tallest towers in Shanghai and the Oriental Pearl TV Tower, while the French Concession showcases the elaborate architecture of European influence, and the Old City comprises the urban core of Shanghai. Yu Garden—believed to date back to the Ming Dynasty—is truly awe-inspiring. Head there early in the morning and join the elderly locals for some Tai Chi.


New York City

Jessica Dumas moved over from Boston campus to spend the summer rotation period supporting students at our Rotation Center in New York City:

Can you share any top tips for enjoying local culture?

Check out a Broadway show! There are daily lotteries on the TodayTix App, and there are discounts at the tkts counter in Times Square offering amazing seats—some performances even have “student rush” tickets available.


What’s a recommended weekend activity that is unique to this city?

Try all the trendiest, out-of-the-box eats at Brooklyn’s outdoor food fair Smorgasburg. Start the day out by walking over the Brooklyn Bridge and check out a few Brooklyn neighborhoods on your way over.


Hult’s New York home every summer—the iconic Cooper Union on Union Square.


And lastly, some words of wisdom from a recently graduated student, Lisa:

“Hult is a family. If you think you’ll be alone in a
new city, that won’t happen. Something that all of us
have in common is that we don’t have our families and friends in our new city, and this is why our community is so strong.”

– Lisa Paredes, Guatemalan, MBA Class of 2017

Wishing a warm welcome to the incoming Class of 2018!

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