As we enter 2015 and look forward to welcoming a new team of student ambassadors, we’d like to thank all the outgoing ambassadors who did such a great job recording their Hult experience, and supporting the school.

Of all the wonderfully varied, honest, and entertaining student blogs from 2014, here’s our pick of the bunch:

top student blog posts 2014, number 1An Unexpected Lesson in Change (x3)
Andréa Skerritt, MBA student at Hult Dubai, gives honest insights into what it’s like to study in three cities in one year as part of our Global Rotation program.
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Top 2014 student blogs post, number 2The Hult MBA: Learning (and Rapping) in a Creative Environment
Vaibhav Rustagi, MBA student at Hult London Postgraduate, demonstrates how a progressive learning environment spawns creativity.
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Top 2014 student blog post, number 3Heading to Hult San Francisco? Don’t Forget Your Canvas
Stefano Picker, MBA student at Hult San Francisco, paints a picture of the incredible diversity of his classmates.
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Top 2014 student blog post, number 4How to Transform Your Network
Christine Souffrant, Master of International Business student at Hult Dubai, gives tips and advice on how to make the most out of networking opportunities while studying.
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Top 2014 student blog post, number 5Opportunities? We’ve Got Plenty of Them
Alejandra Mendoza, Bachelor of Business Administration student at Hult London Undergraduate, on the opportunities for personal and professional growth she found at Hult.
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We’re excited to see what this year’s student ambassadors produce in 2015 and what insights they have to offer – watch this space.


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