There is no such thing as luck when it comes to becoming an educated and remarkable person, with a satisfying career and a thriving personal life. Opportunities are everywhere, and it is up to us to seize them.

What is the point of life anyway, if we don’t chase the dreams that propel our everyday existence? Sometimes, as students we are overwhelmed by the freedom that suddenly becomes available to us at university, and by the abundance of opportunities that dance around us. Self-doubt can become a shadow, making us full of anxieties of all sorts.

When facing moments of self-doubt and uncertainty, we may lose clarity regarding the power of our strengths and passions. But, Hult’s Bachelor of Business Administration program pieces together an environment that is designed to guide students in times of uncertainty. The school doesn’t attempt to tell you who you should be, but creates the conditions for you to discover your talents and capabilities.

The school blends a rich cultural diversity with the magnificence of London, and it is this very blend that presents a boon of opportunities. London has opportunities for Hult students of all tastes. For the intellectuals, there is plenty of treasure in the form of museums, libraries, galleries and other heavenly spots. For those who are more socially-oriented, it has exciting areas like Soho and East London, where the night becomes morning in a jiffy.

Hult’s campus itself is also full of opportunities. You never know who you will meet inside of the walls that make up your classroom. Perhaps the person sitting next to you will become a dear friend, or your most valued business partner. Hult also aims to imprint as much life knowledge as possible on students’ minds, through classes and projects, in order to prepare them for opportunities in the future. For this very reason, the school holds a visionary speaker series with some of the most influential business leaders in the world—leaders that we could not easily reach otherwise.

A few weeks back, Hult hosted an event with Paul Polman, CEO of Unilever. Students as well as faculty were impressed with his powerful insights regarding sustainability in the business world. It is very difficult to move the hearts of people, and very few can do it merely with spoken words, but Polman did just that. Students who found in Polman inspiration and drive, would not have had the chance to listen and learn from him in person if not for Hult.

The school gives us many opportunities to grow in all the aspects that make us human—and great business leaders. Whether we are seeking personal growth, to discover what we are passionate about and how to accomplish it; or professional growth, where we learn the appropriate mannerisms of the business world, Hult staff and faculty help guide students to carve out their own paths towards fulfillment. Hult allows us to pursue what is most beneficial for our own needs. The school doesn’t tell us what to do or see, but instead guides our gaze, and leaves it up to us to interpret what we see for ourselves.

Alejandra Mendoza is a Hult Global Ambassador. She is currently studying for her Bachelor in Business Administration (BBA) at Hult, in London. She was born in El Salvador, in Central America.

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