The other day I read an article on ForbesWhy Twitter’s IPO Was Really A Failure. A smile stretched across my face. Not because of a dislike for the social network, but because after 10 years of reading newspapers, watching the news and trying to analyze the business world, I actually knew what that meant. This single moment summed up the purpose behind my MBA, and it confirmed why I had decided to undertake this amazing experience. I read on with confidence.

My experience at Hult International Business School has exposed me to classmates of numerous backgrounds, which alone has made my investment worthwhile. Unlike other business schools in London, where MBA candidates often hail from an engineering background, Hult has mastered the art of gathering together a diverse group of individuals—from entrepreneurs, financiers, creatives, to hotel professionals. Everyone has a story to tell or an experience to share.

I’d also like to shine the spotlight on the quality of faculty. The school engages leading faculty and subject experts from all over the world; professors from INSEAD, the Judge Business School, the European Business School, and other leading business institutions, walk the halls. The best part is their accessibility: they are quick to share anecdotes, tips, and ideas with students.

Hult deans and executive directors make it a point to interact one-on-one with students, listen to feedback, and act upon it to the best of their ability. They are open to new ideas on improvement and implementation. No question is silly, and no suggestion is dismissed. Think about it this way: the school has a heritage of a decade or so, yet it competes with schools that are many years older.

The possibilities are endless at this young school. Here’s one more example. One day in class a management professor encouraged us to debate the importance of a “productive” individual versus a “creative” individual. Yours truly was asked to represent the creative team with four other members. I opened the debate with a spoken word (rap-based poetry). It went a little som’in som’in like this:

Good evening all,
We are here to debate
How creativity can decide a company’s fate.

Why creativity is the greatest need,
Because a great idea is the very best seed
To grow a plant that can be constructive,
And overshadow “team productive.”

Resources are spent.
Innovation rewarded.
Competition is beaten.
Success is applauded.

Challenge these theories,
Is what we are advised,
By professors, faculty,
Great thinkers combined.

We are here to argue that production must be led
By a great idea sitting in a creative head,
To ensure that productivity follows suit
Led by “team creative”, they can bear the sweet fruit.

A creative lives free,
Outside hesitation,
Cos after all, even humans are a creation.

This passion requires growth and simulation;
Without freedom it can be a frustration.
But an amazing idea can knock of your socks,
Makes you feel free, think outside the box.

Creativity is evolution,
The fashioning of a great idea.
It provides guidelines, direction
To make things clear.

It’s the steam that powers the train of progress,
Without further ado we would like to digress,
And move on without being too obstructive
And open the floor for “team productive”.

I can’t think of another environment that encourages this sort of creativity as students learn the fundamental business skills they need. The school’s leadership and staff are always open to learning from all our experiences in order to stretch the boundaries of what’s possible for future Hultians. I for one am grateful that they are open to ensuring that the business leaders of the future develop in a free, creative environment. Because now I can dissect a failed IPO—and rap about it.

*Drops mic*.

Vaibhav Rustagi Is an MBA student at Hult London, with 12 years experience in customer service, sales and hospitality. He uses photography and poetry as a form of expression.

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