Hult is a non-profit business school run by business people. We know how important it is for you to get maximum payout from your degree with minimum time away from the workplace. That’s why our Dual Degree program gives you the chance to earn two world-class masters degrees in just 18 months.


How it works

First degree

Your first degree follows our standard, one-year format. All of the usual home campus and elective options apply, just as if you were completing it as a standalone degree. On the Dual Degree program, your first degree can be any of the following programs:

Global One-Year MBA

-Masters in International Business

-Masters in Business Analytics

-Masters in International Marketing

-Masters in Finance

Second degree

You’ll complete your second degree at one of our US campuses. It has no elective courses. You can choose from any of the following programs to boost your first degree:

-Masters in International Marketing – available in Boston

-Masters in Finance – available in Boston

-Masters in Business Analytics – available in San Francisco

-Masters in Disruptive Innovation – available in San Francisco


Daniel’s story

Daniel Goez, a Colombian national from the Class of 2018, got married two weeks before starting his Global One-year MBA with Hult. His wife applied too and they embarked upon their MBA journey together.Daniel has always had big ambitions. Today, he lives and works in Miami where he’s in financial control for L’Oréal. He’s also been an assistant lecturer at Harvard, founded his own startup, and been named as a Forbes Under 30 Scholar. It’s fair to say he’s been busy!

Daniel is no stranger to going that extra mile in order to shine. And that’s why he chose to complete Hult’s Dual Degree program in Boston. He completed his full-time MBA followed by a fast-track, six-month Masters in Finance. In just 18 months, he managed to accelerate his learning and complete two masters degrees.

“My wife and I like to think of it as a year-and-a-half honeymoon!” Daniel laughs. “What I loved about the Hult MBA was the focus on soft skills: leadership and managing people from diverse cultures and backgrounds.”

“Sure, there’s Harvard and MIT Sloan two blocks away. But when you go and meet with students there, there’s no diversity in terms of mindset. In my class at Hult, we had a doctor, an architect, an economist, a banker… and each came with a different point of view.”


Choosing a Dual Degree

So why the additional Masters in Finance? “That’s where the hard skills come in,” Daniel explains. “Today’s market is absurdly competitive. You need depth and breadth of expertise. Technical and soft skills. You need to be a leader and a subject matter expert at the same time. The Dual Degree put me one step above the competition.”

Daniel is a seasoned serial entrepreneur. He started a number of businesses in his native Colombia, including a sustainable construction company and a social impact fund, prior to his MBA. In terms of his long-term future, he’s keeping his options open.

He’s well placed to do so. At Hult, 96% of MBA and masters students change either country, industry, or location after graduation.



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Yvonne’s story

German masters grad Yvonne Kloiber is also from the Class of 2018. She chose Hult’s Dual Degree program to develop a broad understanding of business. Yvonne studied a Masters in International Business followed by a Masters in International Marketing. Today, she is Conversational Marketing Manager at HubSpot.

“Hult’s Dual Degree program is unique,” she says. “I was able to graduate with two masters degrees and this gives me a competitive advantage over a lot of other job applicants.”

“Plus, the school’s career advisors support you throughout the year. They have a book of resumes that goes to corporate employees with links to the school and a lot of students and alumni secure great jobs that way.”




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Saugat’s story

Saugat Kandel was the first Nepalese student to study at Hult’s Boston campus. It was his first time in the U.S., and he was keen to stay. He valued the extra time networking and job searching that the Dual Degree provides. He chose a Masters in International Business followed by a Masters in Finance and believed this would help him stand out to graduate employers in the U.S.

Saugat is not alone in his desire to make a name for himself in the U.S. Last year, 52% of international students at U.S. campuses gained employment in the U.S. post-graduation.

Saugat has settled in the U.S. since graduating last year and today he works as a Business Intelligence Analyst for The Phoenix Team. “Hult prepares you for the job market from day one,” he says. “Before Hult, I didn’t know how to network. Hult gives you the chance to make international connections in six of the world’s leading cities.”

“For international students, the U.S. job market is very competitive,” he continues. The Dual Degree gives you that competitive advantage.”



Apply by December 19th to secure your place on the Dual Degree program

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