Dear Hultians, we made it! The end of the year marks the end of Module A, with all of its courses, exams, and presentations. The end of the first part of our Hult journey. It also comes with the promise of new beginnings in Module B. Further opportunities to grow and develop within the Hult community await. So, if you’re looking for inspiration as to how to set your New Year‘s resolutions in line with these ambitions, read on.


Take care of yourself

As Gopi Kallayil of Google inspires in his book “The Happy Human,” we should all remember to take our MEDS. That is, Meditation-Exercise-Diet-Sleep. Life at Hult is fast-paced and can be stressful. For next year, let’s make sure we take care of ourselves. A balanced mind and a healthy body support personal development and success.


Bring Professor Cari Guittard’s best tips with you into the new decade

Everything from lessons to live by to the Viparita Karani “legs-up-the-wall” yoga pose, Masters in International Business students from the San Francisco campus can take many tools from Professor Cari’s sessions into the new year. I reached out to her in the writing of this article and she reminded me of the question she asked us in her last class: “What will you do differently?”

Said Cari, “I am keen to check in per this question I posed to each of you at the end of Immersion. Have you honored this commitment to yourselves and each other? In closing out the year, I ask you to answer this simple question again. Because there’s power in providing clarity for your actions and intentions going forward.

I also hope you will take some time before the year is out to properly reflect, recalibrate, and reset. To think back about what you have learned thus far. What you plan to change. And what you can build on going forward. Write these thoughts down. Then share them with your colleagues and teams.”


“Take some time before the year is out to properly reflect, recalibrate, and reset.”


Reflect and set your own goals

No matter if it’s reading, knitting, writing things down, or integrating the feedback you have received in Module A, I encourage you to define what is important to you and find a way to prioritize this in the new year.


Get ready for Module B—and the future

Is your resume on point? Your LinkedIn profile? Are you regularly networking, and asking interesting people out for informational coffee interviews? My crystal ball tells me that these are some of the questions the Career Development team will have ready for us upon our return after Christmas break. Don’t forget about the on- and off-campus events happening all around. Make the most of these opportunities by mapping out which ones are interesting to you, making space for them in your calendar, and showing up.

If Module A has taught me anything, it is that time flies when you’re at Hult. I guess it comes in a package deal with having fun. Now is the right time to think beyond this year and focus on what comes after. Make the most of the friendships you have made at Hult, and enjoy the rest of the journey before taking on the next challenge.

Wishing a very Happy New Year to all Hultians!


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