With a new year comes a clean slate. A chance to do things differently, to look at the world with fresh eyes. We’re always innovating what we offer and our new programs were made with your future in mind. Here, we’ve compiled a list of popular New Year resolutions and explain how our new degrees can help you achieve them. Let’s dive in.

Maximize your earning potential

Let’s start by stating the obvious—a degree in finance leads to some of the highest-paid careers you can have.  Hult’s Boston-NYC Finance MBA is a full-time, 0ne-year program where you’ll learn on campus from industry experts. In the financial capitals of Boston and New York, this degree sets you up for elite positions and their corresponding salaries.

If you’re looking for a learn-by-doing education in two of the leading markets not only in the US—but the world, then Hult’s Boston-NYC Finance MBA should be your next career move.

Travel to world-leading cities

In a globalized world, learning, working, and traveling can fit seamlessly into the same lifestyle. Hult is a global institution that provides learning opportunities in dynamic cities worldwide. Our City Seminars offer a new way to learn on location during the summer months of your degree.

Gathering superstars from across the Hult community one world-leading city at a time, our City Seminars see you learn, network, and work with the best in the business—specific to that location. Singapore, Paris, Los Angeles, Dubai—these are established and ever-growing superpower cities. A degree with Hult can see you immerse yourself there and beyond.


Take your career into the stratosphere

A graduate degree with Hult could be a smart move if you’re looking to take your career global. The new Master’s in International Business With Internship sees our trademark hands-on business education applied to the workplace.

After completing your core courses the action doesn’t stop. You’ll dive straight into a 12-week summer internship, applying everything you’ve learned in the classroom in a position within a company. With domestic and international pathways, there are internship options all over the globe. Choose domestic to stay close to your home campus in the center of London, Boston, San Francisco, or Dubai. Or go international and gain work experience in cities like Stockholm, Dublin, Barcelona, or Singapore! You’ll be perfectly placed to begin networking, boosting your resume, and doing business.

Live, work, and learn in the US

Traveling to the US can be a transformative experience for any student—it gets under your skin. The US’s uniquely fertile environment for nurturing business talent is difficult to say goodbye to. But with Hult’s Master’s in International Business With Analytics you don’t have to. Once you’ve graduated, you can be eligible for three years of post-graduation work authorization (OPT) in the US in a STEM analytics-related field if you study in the US for the full year of your MIBA.

This isn’t the only master’s program that offers this, our Master’s in Marketing & Analytics also qualifies as a STEM degree. A full-time, one-year degree based on our London and San Francisco campuses, this program has the same three years of post-graduation work authorization (OPT) in the US when you graduate from our US campus.


For a deeper and broader look at what our postgraduate programs offer, you can download a brochure and immerse yourself into the Hult universe today. Download here.