Cari Guittard Wins Hall of Heroes Award at the MBA Women International Conference in Arizona.

MBA Women International (MBAWI) announced the winners of the first Hall of Heroes – recognizing those who have made a significant impact to better position women into leadership roles, the leadership pipeline, the C-suite, and on Boards of Directors. Winners include University of Phoenix, George Washington University and Walmart/Sam’s Club.

“University of Phoenix is excited to be recognized as a Hall of Heroes recipient by MBA Women International,” said University of Phoenix School of Business Associate Dean Alisa Fleming. “A majority of the University’s MBA students and alumni are women, and witness first-hand how education can provide the necessary resources and confidence to cultivate positive change professionally and personally throughout their community.”

“Being selected for the Hall of Heroes award is particularly special because it is an award given by women for women, said Liesl Riddle, Associate Dean of Graduate Programs at The George Washington University School of Business.” To be recognized by Women in MBA International, an organization renowned for advancing female leadership and vision around the globe, inspires all of us involved with OntheBoard. We strive to catalyze change, by eliminating the barriers that impede bringing the best minds — regardless of gender — to the table in corporate boardrooms.”

The winners of the Hall of Heroes were released at the MBAWI Leadership Conference and Career Fair on Saturday, October 20. Those awarded included corporations and academic institutions, individuals and non-profit organizations.

Other corporate winners were: AT&T, The Ford Motor Corporation, General Electric, Intel, Nordstrom, Procter & Gamble, Goldman Sachs, and Prudential.

The individuals honored were: Leo Hindery, Managing Partner of InterMedia Partners; Ambassador Melanne Verveer, Global Women’s Issues; Barbara Barrett the Interim President-Designate of Thunderbird School of Global Management; Melinda Gates, business woman and philanthropist; Geena Davis, Founder of Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media; Kathy Calvin, CEO UN Foundation; Scott Woelfel, President and CEO of Armchair Media; Dr. Mansour Javidian, Global Mindset Thunderbird; Jill Nash, Chief Communications Officer Levi, Cari Guittard, Professor at Hult International Business School, and Debbie Storey, the Chief Diversity Officer and SVP of Talent at AT&T .

“The hall of heroes was developed out of frustration. MBAWI was tired of hearing the statistics of the lack of change and intent so we decided to start tracking those that were making changes slowly – but surely,” says Gail Romero, CEO MBAWI. “This award is about those individuals, organizations and corporations who are working on gender parity through actions and intent. They may not yet have met the pinnacle of success but have been working diligently to make a difference through training, awareness, media statements and choices.” A team of interested investigators has vetted the winners on their growth year over year and the systems and programs they are putting in place as well as the level of commitment and statements from employees. “Hopefully these winners will elevate the conversation and the interest of women and men to invest and purchase from those who are actually doing something to change,” continues Romero. “It may be only a small award but MBAWI must point out those who are attempting to lead in the development of women into C suite positions and onto boards of directors.”

Many non-profits were on the list including: Vision 2020, Bangladesh Women Chamber of Commerce, Catalyst, UN Foundation’s Girl Up, the Nike Foundation, CARE, BRAC, The Cherie Blair Foundation, The Impact Center, and Women On Boards International.

MBAWI will highlight these entities annually and welcome them into an alliance that will recognize their leading role as the world looks to find those that truly have taken actions that speak louder than words in advancing women into parity positions of leadership.

ABOUT MBA Women International
MBA Women International is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to the advancement of business women as corporate leaders, executives and entrepreneurs- enriching workforce diversity around the world.

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