There’s a space for everyone to thrive as a modern business professional on Hult’s campuses. Women in Business isn’t a new club but it’s one that’s ever relevant to the working landscape of the modern world. Based on Hult’s London undergraduate campus, the club is a space for women to connect, do business, and socialize. This is them in their own words.  

The board  

Some clubs at Hult are structured loosely, but we take a more professional stance on things. The club started a few years back and since then there have been board members who take up different roles in the day-to-day running of the club—just like a real business. You have Tadiwa and Isa who are the joint Head of Operations, Marcela, the new Head of Marketing, and Maria (Masha to her friends), the club’s long-standing President. Marcela joined just recently but has thrown herself into her role with gusto. There’s always space here for those who are enthusiastic about doing business. 


Going all-inclusive  

While our name suggests we are a space that’s exclusive to women, we don’t discriminate, and host events for all genders. Those who identify as women comprise our board and most of our members, but the idea is to network and do business. We wouldn’t be very successful if we cut down the pool of talent we get to connect with.  

Women connect  

We have events that pop up all year, and we’re always busy organizing them to be their best. One of the ones that stands out in the mind is our “Women Connect” conference. We expanded attendees beyond Hult campuses and loads of other business schools came by as well. Of course, when you have multiple clubs, all representing women in business across schools it’s going to be challenging but we made it a success.  

Networking the modern way 

The whole idea behind Women in Business is to ensure our women members get to expand their network. The best way to achieve this is through LinkedIn. It’s the resource that everyone uses and it’s how we source all our speakers for events. Many of these connections have blossomed into ongoing relationships, with speakers returning for additional events or even joining the club’s podcast. 

Work-life balance  

A question we get a lot is: what next? What are we going to do next? Well, honestly, we’d quite like a break! There are two elements to the club—professional and social. Getting the balance right can prove tricky but when we do, it reminds us all why we love the club so much. Planning and organizing can be overwhelming at times, so injecting the social element is a welcome break. In a few weeks, we’re all headed to a Japanese restaurant to socialize. There’ll be business talk, obviously, but mostly it’s a chance for our members to kick back and relax.  

The perfect woman in business 

I’d say, compared to other clubs on campus, we’re pretty big. Our membership currently sits at 78 on our group chat. You have varying levels of commitment but I’d say there’s a core of twenty or so who contribute to planning, attend events regularly, and bring ideas to the table. We’re always looking for more members, but we do have some requirements. Our ideal member is engaged, proactive, and passionate about networking and elevating their business aspirations.  

Connecting with faculty  

There are plenty of talented women within the student body, and our aim is to connect with them all. But why stop there? Within our faculty, there are a number of talented women professors who can help take our club to the next level. We already work closely with Professor Lilliana Caimacan, who provides us with advice and support, especially with sourcing speakers. And this is just the start.  


Overall, the Women in Business at Hult is a thriving organization. Its mission to empower and support women in their business endeavors is commendable, and the club also fosters a strong sense of community and networking opportunities. With its dedicated board members and enthusiastic members, the Women in Business club is making a significant impact on the professional lives of its members and adding to the already brilliant ecosystem of clubs on offer on campus.  

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