Coaching with the Body in Mind

Professional Development Series

Coaching clients often present with ‘wicked problems’ and dilemmas and it can be easy to get caught in staying in the head as we try to help them make sense of the world.

This is the first in a series of three workshops designed to bring executive coaches together for learning, discussion and valuable professional development.

Coaching with the body in mind

Event Overview

This reflects a bias in Western cultures for cognition and thought, which are often seen as the only legitimate source of knowing. Neuroscience research continues to confirm what has long been known in body oriented traditions, that we also can reliably know the world through our senses, feelings and behaviours.

Faced with novel and challenging situations that defy the simple application of reason and existing knowledge, leaders need to be able to think and feel their way to making sense of, and acting into, the complexities of their organisations and the societies in which they operate. In this webinar we will introduce the model of “core organisers” of present moment experience (Ogden et al 2006) as offering five different ways of knowing ourselves and the world and give participants the opportunity to practice exploring them in themselves as well as considering their application in coaching their clients.

Event Details

Date: 6th April 2022 Time: 1:30pm-5:30pm Venue: Online (Zoom)

Ticket Price: £150 per event/£400 for full series


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Ticket prices

The individual ticket price for these Professional Development Workshops is £150 + VAT.

If you book all 3 workshops, you will be charged £400 - saving £50 compared to booking separately.

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Events in this Series

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Meet the Speakers

Charlotte Sills

Charlotte Sills is an experienced coach and coach supervisor. She supervises the Ashridge Hult coaching team and is a member of the faculty of Ashridge’s Coaching for Organisation Consultants and Masters in Executive Coaching programmes. She also teaches on the Ashridge Postgraduate Diploma in Organisational Supervision.

Before joining Ashridge, Charlotte was a member of the leadership team and Head of the Transactional Analysis Department at Metanoia Institute, London as well as working in private practice as a psychotherapist, coach and trainer/consultant in a variety of organisations, particularly in the area of mental health. In recent years she has coached at senior level in a variety of sectors including retail, finance and the NHS.

Charlotte is Professor of Coaching at Ashridge and a UKCP registered psychotherapist and BACP senior accredited supervisor. She teaches – especially transactional analysis - all over the world and has published widely in the area of psychotherapy and coaching including co-authoring several books on Transactional Analysis and Gestalt many of which have been translated into several languages.

Meet the Speakers

Simon Cavicchia

Simon is an internationally experienced OD Consultant, Executive Coach, Coach Supervisor, Team Coach, Process Consultant, Facilitator and Lecturer. Simon draws on his experience in consulting, deep human systems understanding and psychology to enable individuals and organisations to successfully navigate the complexities of transformational change processes, develop leadership cultures and individual leaders. He is currently a member of faculty on the Ashridge Masters in Executive Coaching and for eight years led the Masters Programme in Coaching Psychology at the Metanoia Institute in London. He was also a faculty member on the Masters in Organisational Development – A Gestalt Approach, also at the Metanoia Institute. He works in the NHS, University Sector, Oil and Gas, Media, Retail, Financial Services and a number of Charities and Public Sector organisations such as the Probation Service.

As a specialist in human systems dynamics, individual and organisation psychology, Simon works to enable individuals, groups and organisations to understand and adopt the processes that facilitate effective functioning and goal attainment. He is particularly interested in exploring relational perspectives on organisational life and consulting and is committed to continually researching how these perspectives can be used to inform behaviour and learning in organisations. Relational approaches place the quality of interactions between organisation members, leaders and their teams at the centre of how meaning is made and desirable behaviour generated. This is particularly relevant in today’s organisations where different individuals and teams with different levels of authority, designation and agendas have to work out how to join together in service of the organisation’s success. He is experienced in coaching senior leaders transitioning into new and demanding roles in order to support them to navigate the networking, relationship and systemic complexities this often entails. He is deeply committed to creating respectful, supportive and challenging learning environments, where clients can increase their awareness, confidence and skills for intervening in new and effective ways.

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Next sessions

Coaching Qualification Info Sessions

We run multiple information suessions throughout the year, so if you can't make this one, don't worry. The next sessions will be held:

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