Hult is a very special school. All of the students come from diverse backgrounds yet share the same vision to change the business world. In order to push Hult students to improve their knowledge and character, Hult has created team projects, challenges, and activities that require a leader to move out of their comfort zone.

Reacting fast and adapting

Usually, a leader only leads a group of people that they know well. They will work together with them for quite a long time and learn about each individual member. However, at Hult, all students will have multiple groups that they will be involved in. Students are assigned to a group in Module A, another in Module B, and then join a different group for their Hult Business Challenge. The different groups will have different ways of working, strengths, and weaknesses. This means that the leader has to be able to react fast and adapt to their new environment.


“All Hult students share the same vision and passion for business, therefore it makes it easier.”

Although I have led multiple groups before coming to Hult, I still find it interesting to see diverse teammates work efficiently together, and combine our way of thinking so that we understand each other well. Leading a team in a diverse environment requires time to learn about each other and create a conducive environment to work within. All Hult students share the same vision and passion for business, therefore it makes it easier because everyone is open-minded and eager to learn from each other. It also reduces the time that the leader has to take to know each member personally.

Challenging yourself and each other

Students who are members of multiple groups have opportunities to learn from each other and also challenge themselves to not only become a member but also to be a leader. Although they may not have prior experience as a leader, they can learn and observe their friends who have been leaders before. They can then create their own leadership style that suits the team the most.


“I can’t wait for the chance to lead another diverse team.”

To help students improve their leadership skills, Hult also provides coaches who give suggestions and advice. Students learn about ways of communication and leadership styles. Each group is advised to create a team charter, where all team members add their opinion about how to work together. Students are encouraged to think about the limitations that they have and goals they want to achieve. Every time the group has conflicting ideas they can look back at the team charter, which will serve as the foundation of their team.

One of the best pieces of advice that my team has ever received from our team coach is to always take part in every team discussion and to understand each person’s different capabilities.

To be able to lead a multicultural group in Hult has been one of the most rewarding and interesting experiences for me. I cannot wait to have another chance to lead another diverse team. Throughout the process so far, I have learned to be more open to others’ opinions, understand the different perspectives, and to always evolve in my new environment.

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