How well do you know Hult’s students? How well do they know each other? When you walk onto one of our campuses you could be meeting anyone. With a mix of ambitions, careers, and over 150 nationalities, Hult’s diversity has always been our strength. But never before have we put our diversity front and center in a way as challenging as this. It’s time for a reality check.

The challenge

Six students, all with side hustles—stand before two of their classmates. They don’t know who they are or what side hustles they have. And, you guessed it—they have to guess who does what. Split into three rounds, the two students have three chances to match everyone up correctly.

Round 1 

is first impressions only. With only the six students and six objects before them, they have to decipher not only what the object represents but who owns it. It’s a test to see whether or not you can really judge a book by its cover. They’ll be looking at their hair, clothes, facial expressions—anything that might give you a hint as to their true selves.

Round 2

This is their chance to get to know their classmates a little better and ask them one burning question to get to the heart of the challenge a little better. Full disclosure this question can’t be: What’s your side hustle? For obvious reasons.

Round 3

At this point maybe they’ll change their minds, switch some guesses around—and realize that maybe those first impressions weren’t to be trusted after all. Then we’re into round 3 where we reveal exactly what each object represents. Up until this point, they might be sure that a book means they’ve got a librarian in front of them—when in actual case they’re looking at an amateur author.

So, now armed with all this new information will they make the right call? Or will this just confuse them more? Only one way to find out: watch the video below:

The why

Hult is more than just a business school. We’ve always said it—but this amazing, surprising set of students proves it. This is a place where you can come and earn a world-class business degree first and foremost, but, that’s not only why our students choose us. We actively encourage our students to pick up side hustles—be that a new skill, club membership, or a full-blown startup, go and do it! We love to see it!

With a Hult student, you can never tell what secret talents lie beneath the surface. They come from all over the globe and carry with them a wealth of fresh perspectives and experiences. And that’s just the way we like it. By cultivating a diverse student body full to bursting with new ideas, we can help take those ideas to the next level.

Got a startup, side hustle, or just an idea ready to bloom? Download our Bachelor of Business Administration brochure to see how far it could go.