Hult has a unique approach to all aspects of education, including the enrollment process leading up to your arrival on campus. Our global enrollment teams are spread over a number of regions, ensuring that candidates from every country have a dedicated advisor (an enrollment “concierge” if you will!). Not only is your enrollment advisor a valuable resource of knowledge on all things Hult, but they can also help you with your admissions application in a number of ways – something other schools don’t offer.

1) Is Hult right for you?

Firstly, it’s important to understand if Hult is the right fit for you, and likewise if you are a right fit for Hult. Each candidate is individual, with different interests, career goals, needs, and motivations – your advisor will learn about your profile, understanding if you’re a good fit for the program and evaluating how Hult can impact your future, transform your career and increase your experience. They are also able to look at your academic and professional background to assess if you fulfill our admissions criteria, giving you an accurate idea of the likelihood of acceptance if you were to apply.

2) Bringing Hult to you

Just like our students, we love to travel too! Our enrollment teams often visit major cities, bringing the Hult experience to you – from one-to-one consultations regarding admissions and careers to masterclasses with professors from different campuses. It’s a fantastic opportunity to meet and get to know us in person if you are not able to come to any of our campus locations – to find an event near you, click here.

3) Meeting the application deadline

Sometimes you might realize that the application deadline is in just a few days, and you might feel you don’t have time to get all your documents together to meet the deadline – don’t worry! To meet a deadline, we just require the basics of the online application to be filled out and submitted with the application fee – you do not need all your documents at this stage. Upon submission, the form goes directly to your enrollment advisor who will then help you to complete your application with the needed documents. This breaks up the process into stages and gives our candidates more time to work on their documents.

4) Building your application

Once you have submitted the online form, your enrollment advisor and applications manager will work with you to complete your application. They are able to review documents before submission, contact your referees as well as give advice on writing your personal statement and preparation for the interview.

5) Advise on financing

Postgraduate studies are not just a time investment but a financial one too. There are a range of financial options available, from scholarships, financial aid to loans and government grants. The way you finance your studies will be specific to you, and your enrollment advisor will be able to help guide you through the process accordingly. They will also have country-specific knowledge of local grants, scholarships or bank loans, so it’s a really great idea to sit down and have a candid conversation with them!

6) Connecting with the global Hult network

As you work through the different parts of the application process, your enrollment advisor will introduce you to the Hult network – current students and alumni who can tell you about their experiences, the visa team, careers advisors and even professors. Your network will begin to grow before you even arrive on campus!

To get in touch with your enrollment advisor, simply drop us a message with your contact details or start the online application today and we will be in touch shortly.

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Daryna Kovar Hult

Written by Daryna Kovar, Director of Postgraduate Enrollment, UK & Ireland



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